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From Pain to Potential | Darryll Stinson (Second Chance Athletes) | DH053

Podcast Cover Image - DH053 Darryll Stinson HQ Interview Episode

On his journey, Darryll Stinson learned the power of positivity as a way to defeat despair. Now Darryll Stinson is sharing his stories and lessons with the world to help others on their path from pain to potential.

Darryll Stinson is a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast, where the inspirational leader talked with host Shawn Walchef about pulling himself up out of darkness and finding light to guide him.

DH053 Darryll Stinson Zoom Interview Screenshot 3

For years, Darryll Stinson believed lies rooted in half-truths that he would never have a happy future and that he was not worthy of love.

Thankfully, times have changed.

Practicing positive self-talk, going to therapy and unlocking others has inspired Darryll Stinson to start the When I Said YES!!! Podcast and Second Chance Athletes organization.

When I Said YES!!! Podcast Cover Darryll’s story as a former D1 athlete and suicide survivor is one of rebirth and inspiration. It’s also a vital tale about the importance of positive self-worth and practicing self-care.

“As people we value others more than we value ourselves,” notes Darryll Stinson in his interview on Digital Hospitality with podcast host Shawn Walchef. “They’re worth my time. They’re worth my attention. I’m not worth the investment. I’m not worth the time. I’m not worth the self-care. I don’t deserve a massage on a beach. They deserve it. I’m lesser than them.”

DH053 Darryll Stinson Zoom Interview

“We’ve spent too much time comparing ourselves instead of loving ourselves. We’ve just got to love ourselves and it’s fine because that is how we love others.”

Learn More Online at the Digital Hospitality Blog.


From Pain to Potential featuring Darryll Stinson | Digital Hospitality

Podcast Cover Image - DH053 Darryll Stinson HQ Interview Episode

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Quotes from this Episode:


Diversity is a Lifestyle — [16:37] “We live in our own bubbles, and the best thing we can do is be relationally diverse. To me, diversity is not a strategy. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s not a lifestyle I grew up with. I grew up very isolated. I grew up very sheltered in a sense from racial ethnicity and diversity.”


Sports was Freedom — [24:16] “Sports gave me the freedom to not have to choose between white and blacks because they didn’t care if I went to the bonfire or the basement party as long as I was scoring points, as long as we were winning games.”


Process your Pain — [27:15] “This is why it’s important to go back and process this stuff, because unprocessed pain, unprocessed rejection becomes ill-processed pain and rejection. Meaning that we don’t want to think about this stuff because we want to avoid it. We think that by not thinking about it, it’s not affecting our life, when in reality we’re making inaccurate conclusions about our pain. And we’re taking that belief system into our current life.”


Strength to Continue — [30:44] “It actually takes more strength to keep going when nothing in you feels like keep going, than it does to quit. I want people to see those who are struggling with depression and anxiety as like the same way we view the scene in Rocky, where he just keeps getting back up.”


The Goal of Life — [56:38] “The goal of life and the goal of service and the goal of everything is to be generous, to give everything you got and everything you are to the world. The more we give to the world, the more we receive from the world.”




About Darryll Stinson:


Darryll Stinson of Second Chance Athletes

Darryll Stinson is a former Division 1 athlete, TEDx speaker, author, and suicide survivor. He helps athletes and entrepreneurs shed their past stories, and create multiple streams of income that align with their highest purpose so that they can impact more lives and build a lasting legacy.

Darryll founded Second Chance Athletes, a holistic athletic transition company, to give athletes a “second chance” to succeed in life without the demands of sports.

When he is not working, Darryll enjoys rapping, reading, entertainment, music, sports, and spending time with his wife and three beautiful daughters #girldad.

Darryll Stinson FamilyHe is an executive pastor of Growth Ministries at Life Church International in Duluth, GA, where he oversees guest experience, small groups, and community outreach. He also serves partners with Fellowship of Christian Athletes to help athletes better their character, faith and athletic performance. He is on a mission to help people experience life — and life more abundantly.

After years of research, meditation, workshops, and cross-examination, Darryll gained clarity of his identity, found his purpose and began to help others do the same.

Learn more about Darryll Stinson at


About Second Chance Athletes:


Darryll Stinson What People Are Saying About SCA

Second Chance Athletes is a solution hub for athletes transitioning out of sports. Founded by Darryll Stinson, SCA’s mission is to help former and forgotten athletes find identity and purpose beyond sports so that they can experience hope, wholeness and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

Learn more at

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