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Digital Hospitality Simplified with the Owners of Marquii

Avi Goren, Evan Percmutter, and Bryan Rutcofsky are the co-founders of Marqii (@getmarqii), a hospitality tool for all businesses. Their mission as a company is to merge their capabilities of easy-to-use listings, menu, and review management with the goals of each company to ensure the best service is being provided to the customer and the business.

Watch this interview done at the Marqii booth at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show that took place in Chicago to learn more about the company’s four core pillars and how they help your business.

Also, be sure to grab your spots for the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show taking place May 18 – 21.

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Key Takeaway

The “Mario Kart Fast Track”Marqii is not built to instruct a business on what should occur in their business. Instead, Marqii takes in operation information from the business and strategize how Marqii can be integrated to expedite successful outcomes.

“Inch Wide & a Mile Deep in Hospitality” – With their series A fundraising wrapping up, the Marqii owners are looking forward to deepening their customers’ hospitality experience. The increased funding will enhance technology and help build out a more comprehensive suite of hospitality services.


The Origin Story – Marqii did not initially begin as its own company. But with the work of two best friends, Avi and Evan, they teamed with Bryan to form the hospitality company we see today.

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