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Create Your Own Radio Station with Matt Plapp

Matt Plapp (@mattplapp) is a Restaurant Influencer and a well-known name in the marketing world, particularly in the restaurant industry. He is the founder of America’s Best Restaurant, Plapp’s strong belief in the power of digital marketing has set him apart from other marketing professionals. He is a vocal advocate of using social media, email marketing, and other digital channels to reach customers and build brand awareness.


Plapp’s belief in digital marketing has caused him to turn an unpublished book concept of having customers create their own radio station which focuses on the impact of digital marketing into chapters in two of his three published books. According to Plapp, the key to successful marketing is getting and retaining the attention of customers. He lives by a creed he learned from Grant Cardone that “money follows attention,” and teaches businesses to capture the attention of their target audience to be successful. Plapp’s insights and teachings have helped many businesses improve their marketing efforts and achieve significant growth.

Listen or watch now to learn about creating your own radio station, capturing customer attention, and executing intentional marketing.


Interview Takeaways

Create Your Own Radio Station – Matt Plapp does a number of things. As an author, he has an unpublished book entitled “Create Your Own Radio Station” where he discuses the impact of digital marketing, which is something he truly believes in and has built a business teaching. The book may have not come out, but the concept is so important to Plapp that it has made it to two of his three books. 


“Money Follows Attention” – Matt Plapp lives by a creed uttered by Grant Cardone that money follows attention. Plapp makes it a point to teach the companies and brands he works with the correct way to get and retain attention from customers. 

“The Easiest Way to Talk to Nobody is to Talk to Everybody” – Marketing can be done easily, but effective marketing is difficult. According to Matt Plapp, though, it is possible to execute with proper intentionality.

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