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Accelerate Your Career on Camera | Katy Temple Media Coaching (DH 018)

Digital Hospitality featuring Katy Temple Media Coaching

These days, everyone has the power to be a broadcaster.

If you have a smart phone, you can go live online to the world right now. Does that idea make you nervous? You’re not alone.

This week’s Digital Hospitality guest Katy Temple turned an impressive 20-year sports broadcasting career into a new, but related, career path as founder and CEO of Katy Temple Media Coaching. She helps business owners, executives, and others be the best versions of themselves on camera and in person.

Shawn Walchef interviews Katy Temple at the LLS San Diego / Hawaii officesThe communication skills that Katy Temple trains people in are incredibly valuable because everybody with a smart phone in their pocket can become a broadcaster these days. And with that potential reach can come apprehension, confusion, and fear.

So many people are afraid of public speaking, and broadcasting online is similar. Yet it’s so incredibly important to running a business or building a brand.

You shouldn’t let fear stop you from communicating your message online, on camera, on a podcast, on a blog, and everywhere else you can.

“The general fear is being judged,” Katy Temple said on the Digital Hospitality podcast.

A CEO might be heavily invested in all parts of their business and create a beautiful product, but still be lacking and scared of promoting themselves to others.

“To hear their voice, to see them on video, it makes people shudder,” Katy Temple said. “And I tell them that’s normal. Let’s fight through it today.”

Katy Temple’s job is often psychological. For example: when you look at a video of yourself, what do you first think? For many, it’s concerns over their appearance, or voice, or a nervous tick.

Those are just some of the mental barriers that get in the way of people going live on camera, or posting videos on social media. Katy Temple is ready to help you embrace the discomfort and plow through the road blocks in the way of your success.

Her coaching varies based on the client and their needs.

If someone requires help with content and messaging, then she can assist them in being more succinct instead of scattered. Another client might need assistance with intonation, on-camera presence, or eye contact, but not content creation.

Whatever it is that’s stopping you from communicating, Katy Temple Media Coaching is there to help push you forward.

Katy Temple is a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcastStorytelling is Essential:

If you’re not able to tell your story well, it’s hard to compel someone to action. Storytelling is the backbone of understanding information.

“It’s all about storytelling, which is messaging. We remember information at least 30 percent more when it’s told through stories,” Katy Temple said.

“We’re connecting on stories. We’re connecting by emotion, we’re connecting by humor, we’re connecting with common passions and common goals. There’s various ways you can connect with a story.”

Katy Temple’s sports broadcasting story started in high school. That’s when she found her “A-ha!” — or “Oh Shit!” — moment.

Sports is in her DNA.

“I was a tomboy, still am,” Katy Temple said about growing up in the small agriculture town of Merced, California. “I grew up loving sports in the yard with all of my cousins, playing football and basketball on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and played all sports growing up. I was a sports junkie…”

Katy Temple found her passion for broadcasting after getting a job hosting a sports segment on a small community TV station while she was still in high school.

“I thought, that’s what I want to do, now I just have to do it,” she recalled.

When Katy Temple moved on to college, her school didn’t have a broadcasting department. They had a journalism department, so she studied the ins and outs of reporting.

Studying journalism taught her many important skills, such as news ethics and how to write in different ways.

At that time, her journalism department had no video or audio curriculum. These days, it’s essential. A lot has changed in a relatively short time in the media industry.

“We didn’t have any broadcast, it was all about writing at that time,” she said. “I knew I wanted to do broadcast, but you do what you can at the time.”

Her storied career as a sports broadcaster brought her tons of experience, lots of travel, and a bunch of honors to boot, including an Emmy Award.

In San Diego, where Katy Temple was the weekend FOX 6 sports anchor and co-host of That Sunday Sports Show, she covered the Chargers, Gulls, Padres, PGA Tour, Aztecs, Toreros, and more teams.

Katy Temple is interviewed for the Digital Hospitality podcastUsing Expertise to Help Others:

An important part of Katy Temple’s life is giving back to others. Her media training and experiences have helped many, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, City of Hope, and the San Diego Green Building Council. She also spends time mentoring young people interested in broadcasting and sports.

Katy Temple was the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2019 Woman of the Year for the San Diego / Hawaii Chapter. She and her team helped to raise almost $40,000 to fight blood cancer.

Katy Temple’s episode of Digital Hospitality was recorded inside the offices of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) San Diego and Hawaii Chapter.

Stay tuned to Cali BBQ Media to find out more ways you can help us #fightbloodcancer with the 2020 Man and Woman of the Year campaign of which Katy nominated us to take part.

It’s about more than a title, it’s about curing cancer.

Email to get in touch and let us know how we can help you on your digital evolution.

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