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#093: Fishermen Casting a Wide Social Network – BD Outdoors

Ali Hussainy – BD Outdoors – @Bloodydecks – San Diego, CA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

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  • Ali Hussainy is the co-founder and president of BD Outdoors an online fishing and hunting community focusing on all facets of sport fishing, boating, and hunting.
  • Originally started as Bloody Decks in 2003, BD Outdoors was created to share fishing information with anyone interested in becoming an angler or fisherman.
  • How Ali and his partners developed the Local Knowledge TV show as a resource to anyone who is passionate about fishing.
  • Becoming more niche, Ali explains how BD Outdoors adapted from a traditional online forum in the wake of social media.
  • Ali describes going through the recession and the impact it had the fishing industry.

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  • “The old model is you want to drive people to TV so that your sponsors get seen. We’re internet guys; that’s not the model. The model is get your shit seen. Don’t care if you watch a promo that lasts a minute… We just want you to see our content.” – [02:06] Ali Hussainy
  • “Nobody wanted us to make it in this business because we were saying bad words and letting fishermen act like fishermen. I think prior to social media, our business, everybody really thought it was grandpa and little Bobby going down to the lake, holding hands.” – [27:49] Ali Hussainy
  • “Sometimes working harder isn’t smarter. When that ship was sinking. I was in there seven days a week, 16 hours a day… I should’ve worked smarter and should have really taken a step back.” – [16:40] Ali Hussainy

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