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#094: Dive Bar Renaissance Man – Chad Cline

Chad Cline – The Waterfront Bar & Grill  – San Diego, CA

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  • Chad Cline is the owner of the Waterfront Bar & Grill one of San Diego’s most popular, and oldest dive bars.
  • Creating neighborhood hubs Chad and his family also operate The Aero Club, Banzai Bar, Eastbound Bar & Grill, Harbor Town Pub and The Hills Pub.
  • Grounding the American Dream, Chad describes how it takes more than just money to open a restaurant nowadays.
  • Treating the customer experience like a trip to Grandma’s house with hospitality that makes everyone feel good.
  • Defining “kings” and “stars” as customers and why it’s more important to cater to the stars.

Chad Cline

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  • “I think that we see them as neighborhood hubs and when we go into a spot, we kind of think of it as, this is where people are going to go to have conversation and this is where people are going to go to meet up and have important moments in their life.” – [06:37] Chad Cline
  • “There’s kings, as far as customers, and there’s stars. The stars are the ones that’ll come in and pajamas; those are the ones that have no problem with having some fun. Kings come in and they don’t even like to be spoken to that much, they want service… we cater to the stars.” – [18:51] Chad Cline
  • “You always have to be adaptable and you always have to be making changes and be self aware enough to look at yourself and say: ‘okay, what am I doing and why am I doing this? Is this for the right reasons?.” [25:11] – Derek Marso

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