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#065: Big Green Egg Media Movement – Ben and Sheli Higgins

Ben and Sheli Higgins – Broadcaster/Media Personality and Wife/Podcast Host – Our Rendezvous Podcast – Leucadia, CA

Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

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Ben and Sheli Higgins will be celebrity judges for the new tri-tip category at the Turf and Surf BBQ State Championship on August 19th at the Del Mar Races.
Mighty 1090 morning host Ben and his wife Sheli host Our Rendezvous podcast inside their neighborhood hangout, The Regal Seagull in Leucadia.
Our Rendezvous podcast is the behind-the-scenes life of San Diego’s busiest TV and radio sportscaster and the amazing woman who manages to keep that busy life together while still making sure everybody has a little bit of fun.
Ben started his career in broadcasting as a intern in college. Unlike most broadcasters Ben worked in the San Diego market for entire his career.
With the frequent changes in media formats Ben describes how there will always be a need for storytellers and content creators.
Ben and Sheli’s decision to purchase a Big Green Egg and the impact it’s had on the way they cook.

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Shareable Quotes:

“Everyone asks us ‘what’s the best grill?’ There is no such thing as the best. Get what works best for you.” {6:37} – Derek Marso
“The world doesn’t owe you anything! No matter what job you’re doing if you focus on, and embrace those little details to become so good whatever that craft is. Then other opportunities open up for you.” {14:04} – Shawn Walchef
“Ben loves his jobs and he never complains about work. That is dreamy for a wife, and a mother, to have someone come home from work and like it!” {20:06} – Sheli Higgins
“There’s always going to be a need for people who provide content… there’s never gonna be a computer or a robot who’ll replace a person who will make a personal connection.” {37:06} – Ben Higgins
“If all you’re worried about is how you’re gonna make money on your podcast, it’s not gonna be a very good podcast. You have to pick something you’re passionate about and that you can share with community.” {40:25} – Ben Higgins

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