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#060: Building a Passionate eSports Community with the Immortals & LA Valiant Brands – Ari Segal

Ari Segal – President & COO of the LA Valiant, Immortals & MIRB – @arisegal – Los Angeles, California

Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.


Ari Segal is the president and COO of the LA Valiant, LA Immortals and the MIBR team.
Relaunching the San Diego Gulls, Ari focused on building the community around going to the arena by making the season ticket holders feel like they were “part owners” in the team.
Twitch as democracy meets over the top distribution. Anybody can upload their own content and the market determines what's good and what's not.
How Twitch allows content creators to have an immersive virtual experience for their community and the residual effects it has on mainstream sports coverage.
Creating an experience that extends beyond the event and encourages people to interact with your brand and anticipate their next visit.
eSports taking the live experience of the stream and augmenting it with other live touchpoints to enable fans to take that experience and apply it to their own gameplay.
Using the double bottom line model to connect to the community to have a positive impact and establishing the first partnership between an esports team and a LGBTQ affiliated nonprofit The You Can Play Project.
The Valiant will bring the team to city by hosting one of four watch party events at Cali Comfort BBQ in Spring Valley for the Overwatch League Playoffs on July 20th.
Ari confirming on Twitter he’ll bathe in jalapeno BBQ sauce.

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Shareable Quotes From This Podcast:

“The single most important thing to get right in sports is the making the Season ticket holder feel like an owner of the team.” {4:05} – Ari Segal
“The sponsorships that mean the most are a function of the principals: who are the actual people and what is the genesis of their relationship? When things are going well…that's not what accelerates a business forward. It's how you react when things aren't going as well” {9:20} – Ari Segal
“If you want to be a transactional place, you're going to be in out of business pretty quick” {25:49} – Derek Marso
“Everybody is trying to build the biggest fan base. Let's build the most passionate fan base.” {37:03} – Ari Segal
“It's easy to execute on the ground when [the] infrastructure is in place and stable. {17:54} – Ari Segal
“Do you know when people in a typical work week peak in terms of happiness? It's actually thursday night or friday morning. It's because they're anticipating the weekend. ” {49:24} – Ari Segal
“I'm listening to someone talking about breaking down a hog and it makes me hungry? That's completely irrational, but it's because in my mind, our brain does gymnastics for us, right? Our brain starts a journey. {50:52} – Ari Segal
“It's easy if you're consistent. I'm telling this community, we share your values, so I have to back that up.” {1:10:57} – Ari Segal

LA Valiant Watch Party at Cali Comfort BBQ

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.

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