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#022: When Opening Your BBQ Business Doesn’t Go As Planned – Primitive Smoke BBQ

Brandon Haynie and Jermaine Spotwood (@primitive_smoke_bbq), Previous Owners of Primitive Smoke BBQ in Pacific Beach, San Diego  Website: Facebook: Instagram: & & Yelp: YETI: Ole Hickory Pits: Grill Grates: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship Facebook Event: Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions: Thank you to Jet West Band for our epic Intro Jingle! Jet West: Jermaine and Brandon of Primitive Smoke BBQ in Pacific Beach (Now Under New Management)  Valley Farm Market has a new Big Green Egg XXL: Cali Comfort BBQ and Valley Farm Market Cooking Classes: Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival: Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival Facebook: Shoutout to Bryan Underwood for being awesome: Jermaine and Brandon both went to culinary school and worked in San Diego Brandon and Jermaine wanted to bring their own twist of BBQ to San Diego because they felt SD was lacking good BBQ Primitive Smoke BBQ: 433 sq. feet 3 indoor seats and 12 sidewalk seats Brandon and Jermaine are both very passionate about BBQ and loved working together They originally wanted to set up shop in North Park, because of how easily accesible it is + lots more foot traffic. In PB, you have to make the DRIVE into PB, much less foot traffic.  In Pacific Beach, people go their to drink and get wasted. Not having a liquor license really hurt them.  BBQ and Beer go together well, duh Half of the battle is just getting the doors open. Once you get the doors open, it's really game time, where's all your money? Culinary school doesn't teach you the nitty gritty of running a business.  PB Jackass, John Noble, an old grumpy man who owns all the property in Pacific Beach. Primitive Smoke BBQ opened in just 4 months.  It's about DETERMINATION. Making things happen to get those doors open! Southern Pride Smokers: You have to figure out the hard way, you might go through tons of different vendors before you find the perfect fit. Hamilton Meats promised the world to Primitive Smoke BBQ and failed to come through on their promises. Making good relationships is very important when starting up your business. USE THIS WHEN OPENING UP A RESTAURANT: Prime Vendor: Cost Plus Program: Primitive Smoke BBQ tried everything: Brisket, Pork Butt, Chickens, Turkey Leg, Turkey Tails Timing is very important to consider when deciding when to open up shop. People were telling Brandon and Jermaine HOW BUSY and HOW POPULAR they would be in PB Primitive Smoke BBQ was also doing caterings but would close the shop when doing so Jermaine's advice: If you are reading a cooking book of someone you admire, don't go ingredient for ingredient on the recipe, IT DOESN'T WORK. Everyone has a different pallet and different taste. You need to be you and cook how you like to cook. Don't try and be something or someone you aren't Akaushi Briskets at VFM sometimes have to be pulled off the smoker at 180 degrees, you can't just rely on putting it on at 200 degrees and expect it to be good. Primitive Smoke customers were confused why their BBQ ribs didn't have bark on it, and it was because they were being wrapped.  Sauce on the side,

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