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#021: Building Your Brand One Sexy UPC Code at a Time – Happy Hour Wine & Valley Farm Market

Kristin Jolley (@HappyHourWine @JolleyGoodTimes), Owner of Happy Hour Wine and Kat Nelson (@ValleyFarmMarket), Legendary Beverage Manager at Valley Farm Market  Website: & Twitter: & Instagram: & YETI: Ole Hickory Pits: Grill Grates: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship Facebook Event: Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions: Kristin Jolley of Happy Hour Wine and Kat Nelson of Valley Farm Market Thanks to Brian of Hot Sauces N' More for helping Derek setup the new XXL Big Green Egg: (The Legendary) Beverage Manager at Valley Farm Market = Kat Nelson Owner of Happy Hour Wines = Kristin Jolley  Derek Marso = Certified Cicerone for beer, and is eager to learn more about wine “I followed my heart and it lead me to Happy Hour Wine Co” – Kristin Jolley gave tank to Kat: “It's important to develop deeper relationships with your customers” “It's important to add value to your vendor, think long-term when forming relationships with vendors and people that work for you” Hospitality doesn't have to end at the customer, continue it through to your employees and vendors and people will be happy Kristin Jolley and her husband, also a firefighter, owns Happy Hour Wine company, and she found inspiration from her great grandfather who was a winemaker, her and her husband divide and conquer the work, love spending time working together, been together over 15 years Kristin is an Arizona State University graduate Kristin learned product development and category management from her first job after college at Fresh & Easy Kristin was inspired and wanted to take perceived intimidation factor out of wine “Making wine approachable, not snobby or complicated,” and wanted to sell wine under 10 dollars a bottle Trademarked Happy Hour wine by calling the guy who owned the rights, he didn't want to sell so she called him every month for over a year asking him to sell her the trademark, he was 92 years old and she was in her early 20s so he decided to sell due to her persistence and constant follow-ups. PERSISTENCE! PERSISTENCE! PERSISTENCE! Once she had the trademark it was onto creating branding: a label and a logo, she used a retro style for inspiration: The label is an analog clock representing every hour in the day, hence “Happy Hour” The UPC code on the bottle is shaped like a wine glass and scans, too! It is a very difficult process to get your products into major retailer stores! Kristin presented her product and vision to the CEO of Fresh & Easy and he loved it, put it in all stores next day! About 150 stores Open door policy from business owners and your superiors only benefits you if you put in the effort and walk in the door, take initiative and build those relationships.  When Fresh & Easy went out of business, it forced her to take on Happy Hour Wine full time, which caused the business to flourish Fresh & Easy closes permanently:–Easy-Closing-All-Stores-Including-8-in-San-Diego-County-335333211.html Kristin was introduced to a 4th-generation wine making family in La Mancha, Spain and started to developed their own wines from the Spanish grapes Happy Hour Wine bottles, labels, and packages everything in Spain, her and her husband go to Spain and bottle all wine themselves!

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