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#017: Building a BBQ Legacy Through Community Service – Randy Gille

Randy Gille of BETonBBQ 2017
Ole Hickory Pits:

Grill Grates:

Weber Grills:

Gene Goycochea and Randy Gille:

Randy Tending His Meats in the Smoker:

Randy Gille:

Randy Gille's Smoker:
6-Feb-2010, Randy Gille, right, being inducted into the California BBQ Hall of Fame  by CBBQA President, Laurence Hill “Above Randy Gille is being acknowledged for his continued dedication (especially Church and Military) towards many charitable events, and his organizational accomplishments in the BBQ community over the years that benefit everybody he makes contact with. Congratulations Randy for your continued and ongoing commitment and selfless dedication to BBQ, our organization, and the many folks you touch every year with your assistance and generosity. Welcome from your BBQ family on your well deserved 2010 entry into the California BBQ Hall of Fame.”
Feeding about 14,000 marines:
Randy Gille Law Firm:

This podcast recording happened on Saturday, August 19, 2017. Load-In dat at the Del Mar BBQ State Championship #BETonBBQ

Gene Goycochea and Randy Gille have both had a tremendous impact on BBQ as a whole

Without Gene, there might not be a Cali Comfort

Randy had an opportunity through his Church to cook for the homeless and the congregation and Randy loved learning how to cook

In 1997, Randy and Ron started cooking for the homeless, the church, military, and various large groups.

Randy would cook for at least 50 people at a time and have cooked for up to 300 people with Ron

29 Palms was the biggest event they have ever cooked for – a Military cooking event. Randy brought Ron aboard and cooked for nearly 18,000 people.

Randy and Gene go way back. Randy would count on Gene to ask him the right and wrong ways of doing things.

With Gene's experience and deep wisdom, he will tell you straight up, how it is, brutal honesty #nofilter

It's so important to go and be involved in the BBQ community and to

“We don't stop when we are tired, we stop when we are DONE.” – Derek Marso/ Team Motto

Randy is an Attorney and BBQ is his passion.

Randy is a Personal Injury Attorney and has been for the past 30 years.

“What can I do to help or change someones life? How can I make a difference in someones life?”

Randy says he has never made a single penny from BBQing for his events.

Randy loved to walk around at the end of the night when teams were going to sleep before competition day, to help and talk to the teams and make new friends.

Randy just wanted to help GIVE back to the community by serving BBQ, cleaning pits, doing night watch, any service he could offer to make people happy.

BBQ events test you mentally and physically.

You have to surround yourself with the best people with the best heart.

Once BBQ becomes about money, you are in it for the wrong reason.

Derek and Shawn choose to surround themselves with selfless people.

Raising money for people who don't have anything or anyone to help them.

Doing events gives people the confidence to STEP UP and take on big projects, learn how to overcome big hurdles in their lives.

When you put your love into what you're doing and the food you make, you can't go wrong.

BBQ can bring people together. Simple as that.

Randy attended the First Del Mar BBQ State Championship and had such a great time so he  made sure he came back for the second one.

Kudos to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for having such a great team who let us put on events like #BETonBBQ

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