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#016: The Don King of BBQ – Arlieque Events

Arlie Bragg: The Don King of BBQ (@ArlieBragg) of Arlieque Events Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Ole Hickory Pits: Grill Grates: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship: Del Mar BBQ Championship Facebook Event: Upcoming BBQ Events and Competitions: Arlieque Catering: BBQ Masters:   It's finally BBQ week!! Frickin Laser Beams (FLB Laser): | George Ricoy: Arlie introduced as self-proclaimed 'Don King of BBQ' (and it's fucking true) The Del Mar Grillfest 2013 birth of this event We started this podcast to talk about business and marketing Arlie became interested in bbq 8-9 years old from grandfather who would bbq in his barn Arlie remembers bbq-ing hogs for the holidays with the family, his dad never shared his recipes with kids, died with recipes A few years ago, Arlie found his old property his family used to live on and the bbq pit is still there from the early 60s Arlie was born in Nashville, Tennessee Arlie married his wife who worked for Jack Daniels, and they put on an event together (the rest is history) Arlie learned from Mike Mills and John Willingham – learned how to bbq from spending time with them Arlie's neighbors bought a (BBQ) pit with him and they started doing some Bluegrass showcases and music events (late 80s) Downtown Nashville has become commercialized After Arlie started his catering business, he started to do some bbq cookouts KCBS events, Arlie-Q: Chris Lily gave Arlie his 'Don King of BBQ' name Arlie proudly has 160 BBQ contests under his belt that he has put on Arlie's first contest was in 1989 at the Nashville Shores Arlie plans on doing 16 events just this year (2017) bbq and testicle festival Rim County BBQ Classic in Arizona attending end of this year KCBS 50 contests in Europe, including Croatia etc. went to Rome Italy cooked brisket in the Alps Shout out to people all around the world tuning in to this podcast 22,000 members in KCBS $50 a year to join 17,000 certified judges who have taken a class on appearance, taste, and tenderness California big on tri-tip, cannot find it easily in Tennessee KCBS strong leadership, high standards for judging process Arlie on board of directors with 12 other members for 5 years, nominating committee Arlie met Gene Goycochea 1998 Out of 160 events Arlie only had to send one team home, one team member drinking KCBS teams spending about $800-$1,000 just on meat not counting food, gas, travel, per weekend KCBS allows people to give back (Organizations in Training) PFUFA Smithfield sponsored many events in Nashville and here (Del Mar) John Doherty, communicated through social media now giving Smithfield Ribs in Cali Comfort Tracey Lawrence deep fries 400 turkeys for charity each year in Nashville US foods, we love appreciate their transparency: Mighty 1090 Scott and BR: Everything you do as a bbq team helps to brand and show people who you are and what you represent It is important to ensure brand consistency, and be transparent through social media Arlie and Team both agree that PC events are the future of BBQ Ole Hickory Pits doesn’t dry out meats, Ole Hickory brings consistency:   Dana point cut many events, Arlie maybe will have something next March in Dana Point http:/…

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