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How to Turn Your Business into Media Company: Coaching Call with David Meltzer

Aligning Behavior and Goals In the pursuit of success, according to author, speaker, and entrepreneur David Meltzer, the crucial element lies in aligning one’s behavior with the goals one aspires to achieve. He highlights the key factors to bridge this gap—wisdom, mentorship, faith, and, most importantly, humility. “Behavior that’s aligned with where you want to […]

Loyalty is Hospitality with Zach Goldstein of Thanx

Finding time for thought leadership can be a challenge. However, for Zach Goldstein, the CEO of Thanx, the responsibility to share knowledge and uplift the industry is paramount. Goldstein acknowledges the industry’s lag in becoming data-driven and sees thought leadership, even if its ROI is not immediately visible, as a means to assist operators.  He […]

Building Authentic Connections with Restaurant Owners Uncorked Podcast

Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media approach content creation and networking is a testament to the power of authenticity and vulnerability in the digital age.His willingness to “look stupid” by consistently posting on social media allowed him to connect with people he wouldn’t have otherwise. Walchef’s commitment to storytelling and consistent online engagement has not […]

Embracing the Onboarding Process with Aaron Palacios of Swadley’s BBQ

Aaron Palacios is the Senior Director of People Services at Swadley’s BBQ. While in his role, he has orchestrated a transformative shift by integrating Restaurant365 across key business functions. This move not only streamlined accounting and marketing but also introduced a dedicated HR support center within Restaurant365, enhancing the experience for managers, customers, and employees […]

Digitizing Training in Restaurants with Daniil Klubov of

Daniil Klubov is the founder and CEO of He and his partner Rares Bacila embarked on a digital-first restaurant space journey with a profound realization – technology alone is not enough. was born from the idea that the primary task of a restaurant operator is to make workers do what you want them to do.   […]

Shawn Walchef Talks Smartphone Storytelling on The Top Business Leaders Show

The Spot On Series Show put on by Rise25 invites guests to speak candidly about their experience with business. Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef was a guest on the show recently where he spoke about his journey with digital hospitality and the importance of businesses being digital first.    Listen to this interview to […]

Scaling Multiple Concepts with James Hurt and Nicholas Imbo

James Hurt, the Director of Business Analytics, and Nicholas Imbo, an Accountant and Business Intelligence Analyst, play integral roles at Lessings Hospitality Group. For Hurt, the financial advantages of catering, especially in the wedding market, stand out in comparison to daily restaurant operations as it offers a controlled environment where costs are determined, providing opportunities […]

Shawn Walchef Talks How to Reach 25 Million Views on the WISKING IT ALL Podcast

Cali BBQ Media owner Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) joined the WISKING IT ALLl Podcast and host Angelo Esposito (@angeloesposito) to discuss the power of Smartphone Storytelling and posting content with regularity.    Watch the interview to learn what Shawn had to say about being the “show”, the courage to look stupid, and showing vs. telling.  Episode […]

Simplifying Accounting in Restaurants with Chris Gruhlke

Chris Gruhlke is the Controller at Cedartown Foods. With stores that include Bojangles and Jersey Mike’s locations, it is important that the financials are fully intact. That is where Gruhlke and his implementation of Restaurant365 comes into play. The ability to find data in one place and easily access relevant information, such as the Profits […]

The Power of One Restaurant Location with Eric and Melissa Rickman

Eric and Melissa Rickman are the CEO and Operators of Wholly Stromboli (@wholly_stromboli) in Fort Lupton, CO. Now 14 years in, Wholly Stromboli was the manifestation of a lifelong dream for Melissa.    “Melissa Rickman:  It was something I wanted to do my whole life.” she tells host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media . […]