Create Your Own Radio Station with Matt Plapp

Matt Plapp (@mattplapp) is a Restaurant Influencer and a well-known name in the marketing world, particularly in the restaurant industry. He is the founder of America’s Best Restaurant, Plapp’s strong belief in the power of digital marketing has set him apart from other marketing professionals. He is a vocal advocate of using social media, email […]

You Can’t Replace the Human with Salem Najjar

Salem Najjar (@servehg) is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and CEO of SERVE Hospitality Group. His group is responsible for one of the largest franchisees of Tropical Smoothie Cafe in the Midwest with a total of 16 total units. As a certified CPA, Najjar uses his financial acumen to catapult his business ventures. Times have changed […]

The Steps to Bottling and Selling Your Own BBQ Sauce

How to Bottle Your Own BBQ Sauce video by Cali BBQ Media

If you have a barbecue sauce recipe you love, how do you actually get it bottled and sold? Go Behind the Smoke with Shawn Walchef as he digs into what it takes to create and bottle your own barbecue sauce. Our Cali BBQ Media video captures a conversation between Cali BBQ culinary director Gene Goycochea […]

No Fear of Failure: Scott Kaplan’s Journey from Old to New Media (DH 006)

Is the radio business dead? The answer depends on who you ask. This week’s guest Scott Kaplan, a veteran of the broadcasting industry, would argue that audio storytelling is not dead, but very much alive and thriving thanks to technology and digital distribution. Scott Kaplan is all-in on whatever he does because “failure is not an […]

Spring Valley BBQ Festival celebrates 10 years of giving back to the community

SVBBQFEST 2019 Recap

What better way to celebrate giving back to the community than with a massive BBQ block party? Ten years ago Shawn Walchef and Derek Marso held the very first Spring Valley Tailgate and BBQ Festival. The amateur barbecue competition and food festival was a way they could thank the community while also raising money for […]

Podcasting helps you connect with people you admire

Recording Digital Hospitality from the home of Howard and Debra Solomon from Solomon Leaders 2.0

There are many good reasons for podcasting. One important reason to make a podcast is being able to sit down with people you admire and have a rich conversation. You can learn from the interview and so can your listeners. That’s a win-win. On episode DH003 of Digital Hospitality, host Shawn Walchef visited the home […]

Digital Hospitality is the first podcast from the new CaliBBQ.Media

Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast

It’s an exciting time for Cali BBQ. Not only do we have a sleek new website created by Mithril Media, but also a new business-themed podcast: Digital Hospitality. “Digital Hospitality” is more than just a new podcast project for host Shawn P. Walchef — it’s a way of life. On Digital Hospitality each week, Shawn […]

A Solution for Mobile Payments featuring Up n’ Go (DH 001)

A Solution for Mobile Payments featuring Up n' Go

Cashless mobile payment technology is transforming the dining out experience. Find out how this technology can help your business on this episode of Digital Hospitality. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a restaurant or a bar, having an incredible meal, and waiting to pay for that meal. Waiting to pay is so archaic and […]

Planning a Coast to Coast BBQ Road Trip

Planning a Coast to Coast BBQ Road Trip? Barbecue — It’s a word that will make you drool just by reading it. Much like blue jeans and baseball, this cultural staple is quintessential to being an American. In almost all other countries, the practice of smoking meat has many analogues, but barbecue, especially as it […]