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#078: Landon Donovan’s Vision of MLS in San Diego – Soccer City

Landon Donovan – Soccer City SD – @SoccerCitySD – San Diego, CA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

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Landon Donovan is a former Major League Soccer player for the LA Galaxy working to pass Measure E; the “Soccer City” initiative in San Diego.
Soccer City is a privately funded initiative to help bring a new MLS team to San Diego and redevelop the stadium site in Mission Valley into a sport entertainment hub for all to enjoy.
Landon explains the differences between Measure E and the opposition on the ballot for the November 6th vote.
Soccer City will be home to a youth soccer academy that gives opportunities to talented underprivileged youth athletes around San Diego.
Landon elaborates on the $50 million dollar traffic mitigation plan for Soccer City and the benefit it will have on the Mission Valley area.

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Shareable Quotes:

“If you think about the future of sports everyone consumes on TV or gadgets. Only the die-hards who really want to get up and go to the game are gonna go to the stadium.” {8:30}
“I’ve always been drawn to things I am passionate about.” {11:40} – Landon Donovan
“We’re fun. We’re faster and we’re free!” {16:33} – Landon Donovan
“We have to win on the facts and we have to educate people.” {19:21} – Landon Donovan
“We have something that’s for everybody in this community. It’s not just a college campus.” {36:53} – Landon Donovan

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