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#063: When Family Means Business – Kobey’s Swap Meet

Anthony Pretto – Operations Manager for Kobey's Swap Meet – @Kobeys – San Diego, CA

Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.


Anthony Pretto is the Advertising Director and Operations Manager for Kobey's Swap Meet held at the Valley View Casino Center parking lot in San Diego.
Shawn and Anthony discuss their experiences being involved in the family business from a young age.
Reality TV stars Dave Hester and Darrell Sheets being regular vendors at Kobey’s and how the swap meet industry gave birth to the A&E show Storage Wars.
City lease agreements, increasing visitor attendance and enticing new vendors are among the various challenges Anthony and his family face in operating a weekly, large-scale outdoor market in San Diego.
Similar to Brian Smith growing the UGG Brand, many vendors use Kobey’s Swap Meet to build their brand directly to the customer by creating a tactile, face-to-face experience.
The 1st Non-Profit Day at Kobey’s announced for Saturday August 18th where non-profit vendors will be given a booth to raise money and awareness for their organization.

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Shareable Quotes From This Podcast:

“I have family members that they think they’re holding gold bars in their storage. You don’t have gold bars…Get rid of that stuff.” {12:00} – Shawn Walchef
“I’m paying for a cashier to be there because I want them to give you an experience and talk to you and say hi. So when you come here you feel that warm feeling.” {22:38} – Derek Marso
“It’s not just the personal interaction, it’s the whole event. There’s always gonna be a place for that village feel where you go in and you have the experience of that craft” {23:50} – Shawn Walchef
“A lot of digital and social is testing so you don’t know what your voice is, or your message is, until you do it.” {36:47} – Shawn Walchef
“We believe that consistency is key in our business. If we operate one Sunday and we’re closed for six Sundays that’s not building consistency for our customers. {40:06} – Anthony Pretto
“If somebody comes out to the swap meet and shops it once or twice, maybe, the next time they have a garage sale they’ll come down to Kobey’s instead of throw all their shit out on their driveway.”  {41:00} – Anthony Pretto

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Bryan Abou Chacra – @kinglordbryan on Twitter
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