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#052: How Firefighter Rich Brocchini Built His Business by Serving Without Selling – Third Alarm Coffee

Rich Brocchini – Firefighter Chief, CEO of Third Alarm Coffee, Realtor & Best Selling Author- @ThirdAlarmCoffee – San Diego, California

*Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.


Rich Brocchini has been a Firefighter for 25 years and has learned a thing or two about fighting fires and about business.
Rich started Third Alarm Coffee Company in his garage about five years ago. Third Alarm Coffee Company gives back to firefighters that are affected by cancer.
“We began by delivering coffee to our local fires stations and quickly expanded. It started with an American dream to help firefighters across the nation affected by cancer while providing premium and quality products with the fire service customer service model. With hard work, dedication and some challenges this dream quickly grew into the company we are now. We also established and founded a Third Alarm Coffee & Tea drive thru. We have since sold the drive thru to focus on (B2B) business-to-business partnerships.”
“We find the best quality bean on the planet and artisan roasted to a dark perfection. Third Alarm coffee entices the palate and starts the day off right. As a family and firefighter owned company, Third alarm coffee co. takes pride in upholding a social responsibility to our communities. Third alarm coffee co. Is the official coffee and partner of the firefighter cancer support network. The Firefighter Cancer Support Network is a non-profit organization helping firefighters and their families across the nation in cancer prevention, awareness, support and assistance when firefighters are diagnosed with cancer.”
Rich has written two best selling books: A Fresh Reminder and Serving Without Selling.
He also dabbles in real estate, maintaining his mission to serve others.
Rich is even in the workings of starting his own supplement company.
People and business owners alike should attend masterminds to be inspired and to inspire others to do great things in their careers.

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Shareable Quotes From This Podcast:

“The fire service is a lot like running a business.” – Rich {7:30}
“If we are always in a state of service we will always be successful.”- Rich {8:15}
“Understand where you think you are going to go may not be your end destination.”- Rich {16:50}
“If I started a company I wanted to give back.”- Rich {18:40}
“People remember how you make them feel.” – Rich {30:20}
“So many people fail because they are unwilling to do the hard work.” Shawn- {31:35}
“You don’t just start trending, you have to go and grind it out.” Shawn- {32:50}
“Just be you.”- Rich {38:30}
“Always be serving not selling.” – Rich {43:50}
“Podcasting has allowed us to story tell in a way that my grandfather couldn’t.” Shawn {46:40}
“You have to always have that thirst for knowledge.” Derek- {53:45}
“If you don’t live there anymore in the past, let go of it. ” Rich- {58:50}
If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, You Are a Leader. – John Quincy Adams

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