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#050: Hunting and Raising Fathers on the Carnivore Diet – Curtis Jackson

Curtis Jackson – Founder, Head Strength Coach and Co-Owner of Jackson Strength Academy – @jacksonstrengthacademy @curtisrjackson – Solana Beach, California

*Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

Curtis Jackson is the Co-Owner and Founder of Jackson Strength training and gym. He is also the current fitness expert for DiG Magazine and contributor to’s volleyball training page.
Along with his passion for fitness and health Curtis enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife and business partner along with their two younger sons.
Curtis is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for other dads and parents. Curtis understands the importance of molding today’s boys into tomorrow's fathers.
Curtis shares his opinions on healthy nutrition and his own experiments with The Carnivore Diet.
Curtis is starting his own podcast about parenting, hunting, fishing, sports, and nutrition. Curtis aims to help other parents raise boys to eventually become great fathers.
Stay tuned for Curtis’ upcoming podcast ‘Raising Fathers’

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina

American Buffalo by Steven Rinella

Dr. Shawn Baker Carnivorous Diet Youtube Video

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Carnitas Snack Shack

The Better Human Project Podcast by Ryan Munsey

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Shareable Quotes From This Podcast:

“Podcasting allows us to dig deep into topics we would not always have the chance to talk about”- Shawn {1:45}
“Raising men to be great fathers”- Curtis {23:30}
“I’m going to punch you in the face, but I am going to hug you right after” –Curtis {26:51}
“My son is going to learn how to love a women by the way I treat my wife”- Shawn {30:04}
“Sports teaches you to embrace the suck”- Curtis {31:45}
“I don’t stop when I’m tired I stop when I’m finished”- Derek {35:13}
“You have to figure out how to find comfort in being uncomfortable, because that is where you grow”-Derek {58:06}
“Collaboration versus competition in business”- Curtis {1:06:52}

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