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#041 – This Entrepreneurial Non-Profit CEO is Focused on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty – San Diego Food Bank

James Floros – CEO/President of The San Diego Food Bank – San Diego, Ca – @sdfoodbank Summary:

James Floros is the C.E.O. of the San Diego Food Bank and has worked for non-profit organizations for 34 years! He has helped to feed millions of people in their most dire time of need.

James and the San Diego Food Bank are working towards societal change to break the cycle of poverty.

Of San Diego County’s 3.3 million residents, 494,439 people face food insecurity every day.* Of this number, 164,137 are children.* Food insecurity means that little or no food is available at home, and those who are food insecure do not know how they will get their next meal. Currently, 1 in 6 people; 1 in 7 adults; and 1 in 5 children are food insecure in San Diego County.

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and our North County Food Bank chapter feed 370,000 people per month in partnership with 400 nonprofit community partners that operate feeding programs.

There are 1.5 million pounds of food raised through local food drives.
In 2017, the San Diego Food Bank produced more than 26M pounds of food. 9M of that was fresh produce.
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About James Floros

Quotes / Snackable Takeaways From This Podcast:

“You can’t be great unless you think great (and big)”

“If you do something nice for somebody, and it lifts them up, you hope they go and do it for somebody else”

“Education is the major vehicle for breaking the cycle of poverty”

“Take calculated risks, assess what you did wrong, and go from there!”

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