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#039: Creating a Digital First, Fan-Focused Sports Experience in the NLL – San Diego Seals

Josh Gross – Vice President of Business Operations – San Diego Seals – Valley View Casino Center, San Diego- @sandiegolax @sandiegoNLL @NLL Summary:

Lacrosse is coming to San Diego! Josh Gross, Vice President of Business Operations of the San Diego Seals, shares how the sport of lacrosse plans to take San Diego by storm!

Josh tells us about 'Tix for Sticks' community involvement initiative by the San Diego Seals. For every season ticket membership bought, the Seals will donate a free pair of Stick & Balls to underpriveleged youth in San Diego with one free coaching clinic included – taught by a member of the SD Seals. Josh anticipates well over 5,000 underpriveleged kids will be helped by this initiative.

Sports, from a consumer standpoint, is about entertainment. It's about being able to create a memorable experience for people which keeps them coming back for more.

Josh and the San Diego Seals are embracing digital marketing.

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Quotes / Snackable Takeaways From This Podcast:

“Come for the party stay for the game”

“Sports was the first reality show”

“Have your pulse on the fan”

“It has to be believed to be seen”

“It’s our job to exceed your expectations”

“Sports teach you so much about yourself”

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