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#012 – BBQ Shop Owner by Day, Hard Rock Hotel Bartender by Night – The Smok’d Hog

Chris McAfee (@TheSmokdHog) of The Smok'd Hog in San Diego Website: Facebook: Instagram: Ole Hickory Pits: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship: SD Reader article on The Smok'd Hog Pulled Pork sandwiches: Good Eats San Diego article: The Smok'd Hog: San Diego Culture article: The Smok'd Hog: – Over The Line tournament website (65 years): – OTL – Valley Farm Market champs article: – OTL tourney – Valley Farm Market won in both Mens and Women’s – OTL rules: – OTL post with pictures: – OTL team names (you've been warned): – Derek is planning a VFM BBQ party for the OTL winning teams – Shout out to Whitney, Savannah, and Kelsey on the VFM OTL Women's team! – Derek's full extension grab photo from OTL: – 50 Yr anniversary OTL youtube video: – Smok’d Hog address: 3749 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103 – Chris has always been in the food/service industry (since age 13) – Brigantine website: – Miguel's website: – Chris' steps to The Smok'd Hog: Buy the pit, learn the pit Start catering Get business license Open up and start grinding – In hospitality, you do all parts of the job – all aspects and you get used to the business – Chris and his business partner (friend from school) started The Smok'd Hog – Chris went wild with his credit cards to help pay for The Smok'd Hog thanks to his good line of credit – 2.5 years since opening and The Smok'd Hog is almost paid off – Chris works 2 jobs! Bartending at Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and owning The Smok'd Hog – Chris has worked at Hard Rock for 10 years and has worked downtown SD for 14 years – Cali Comfort BBQ is about having hospitality “in your blood” – doing blood tests for applicants – Hard Rock Hotel in SD: – Chris says “Bartending is great to learn hospitality” and “Learning how to work with adversity” – Gaslamp district has grown so much since Petco Park has been built – Petco Park: – Monkey Paw brewery: – Chris had a business partner who had a bad drinking problem and it never got better so Chris took on The Smok'd Hog by himself – Fun fact: Chris Loves reading – Franklin book: – Brining meat: – Smok’d Hog menu – very diverse and well thought out, can satisfy any regional craving – The Smok'd Hog Cuban sandwich is a traditional Florida sandwich served with mojo sauc and a garlic encrusted rub – Pro Tip: “Don’t drink the water in Mexico” – The Smok'd Hog specializes in various regional sandwiches  – Chris highly recommends “White bbq sauce” good with chicken – Smok'd Hog has two pulled pork sandwiches  – KC and Carolina – Chris believes, “less is more” – focus on simplicity and quality ingredients – Brody's Burgers – Bread and Cie: – Try the Fried Chicken at Smok'd Hog – The Smok'd Hog has St. Louis cut ribs – enjoy their on the weekend – from restaurant depot  – Restaurant Depot: http://ww…

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