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#001: From Backyard BBQ to KCBS Competition BBQ – Fern’s Semi-Famous BBQ

Behind The Smoke Podcast with Fern's Semi Famous BBQ

Mentioned in this episode of Behind The Smoke Podcast – BBQ War Stories:

Fernando Martinez (@FernsBBQ) from Fern’s Semi Famous BBQ

Fern's Semi Famous BBQ




Fern’s BBQ on FOX 5 San Diego: BBQ With


Ole Hickory Pits:

Weber Grills:

Del Mar BBQ Championship: Hot Sauces n


Adventures of Fern’s BBQ from the military, to a legal office job, to the blue-collar life, to the Wild West that is BBQ Part Time warehouse Manager for a Biomedical company turned into BBQ aficionado Eats Sleeps and Breathes BBQ Traveling the United States in search of good BBQ  Brown Sugar or Vinegar-based sauces in BBQ

Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston

Spring Valley BBQ Tailgate Festival

Traeger Grills

Being humbled quickly in BBQ competitions – you don’t know as much as you think you do Learning how to cook more than just burgers and dogs at the BBQ Festival Fern’s BBQ has a self-made, solar-powered BBQ trailer with HD Flat Screens and more.  Fern’s BBQ can cook up to 250 people on solar power Fern’s trailer has all the bells and whistles and plans to build a larger one Best Tailgate Team award in San Diego at the BBQ competition

What to do when people try and steal your idea? Competing in KCBS BBQ Competitions RUBLIFE WE ALL RUB OUR MEAT The many different styles and concepts of BBQ –

KCBS in Australia Stick burners to pellets Traveling on airplanes with Tri-Tip in your bag Tri-Tip used to be around $0.29/lb and is now close to $8.99/lb West coast BBQ to East coast BBQ BBQ with Gary from Texas met him on Instagram

Learning how to do BBQ Math when BBQing for a group of people Pecan Lodge in Texas BBQ is an adventure – it’s a rodeo  Different preferences of wood in BBQ Tailgating is in our blood. Tailgating is the best thing you can do, so much camaraderie  BBQ brings people together as family The smell of charcoal when the grill fires up, there’s nothing like it How many hashtags to post on Instagram Learning BBQ tips from the legend Gene Goycochea  Keeping things “simple” in BBQ competitions is best Everyday in business you are constantly LEARNING new things Wine Barrel Smokers?!

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels


Pork Belly (much like Brisket) at Valley Farm Market

Nick Hardwick from the San Diego Chargers

Dave and Jeff podcast

Derek Marso –

Shawn Walchef –

Cory Wagner –

Email the show at anytime:

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