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Host Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) of sat down with Restaurant365 Product Manager Sofia Franzon and Group Project Manager Joe Hannon at the 2023 Restaurant Transformation Tour to discuss numbers and the benefits of networking with other hospitality professionals.

Watch or listen to this Digital Hospitality Short and don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the Restaurant Transformation Tour 2023 coming to a city near you


Interview Takeaways

Making Numbers Matter – Restaurant 365 is known for being able to compile data to help restaurants understand ways they can operate more efficiently. Group Project Manager Joe Hannon speaks of ways that Restaurant 365 can use data to increase competency in areas that a restaurant may be lagging with the goal of better service in mind.


Numbers as a Quantitative Anchor – Restaurant365 Product Manager Sofia Franzon has always been about the numbers. As a creative person by nature, she appreciates how numbers often serve as the necessary proof to validate a point and the way Restaurant365 executes the usage of such data.


The Benefits of Attending the Restaurant Transformation Tour – Restaurant owners are a unique group that share unique struggles. According to Joe Hannon, events like the Restaurant Transformation Tour also provide a unique opportunity to speak to, learn from, and collaborate with industry leaders to help provide tangible solutions to increasing business function.

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