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Whissel Realty Group, Cali Comfort BBQ Feed Teachers With BBQ Catering

Cali Comfort BBQ teamed up with Whissel Realty Group to #thankateacher during National Teacher Appreciation Week by catering a barbecue lunch at a local school.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, Kyle Whissel (CEO, Whissel Realty Group) and Shawn Walchef (Owner, Cali Comfort BBQ) decided to feed all 55 teachers at the PRIDE Academy of Prospect Avenue Elementary School in Santee, California. The catered BBQ meal was a way for Whissel Realty Group and Cali Comfort BBQ to show appreciation for all the hard work and sacrifices that teachers make as they educate future generations of youth.

“Today is a special day, when the community comes together and we can feed teachers,” Shawn Walchef said in a conversation with Kyle Whissel that was broadcast live on the Whissel Realty Group Facebook page. Thousands of people went online to watch the special barbecue lunch being delivered during the National PTA’s Teacher Appreciation Week. “Education is so important.”

“That job is so darn important, but it’s so underpaid,” Kyle Whissel added. That’s why he wanted to make sure the PRIDE Academy school’s staff got a special treat of what he called, “some of the best BBQ in all of San Diego.… “Teachers are one of those professions that just do not get paid nearly what they deserve. It’s a labor of love to be a teacher.”

As the family friendly restaurant and sports bar always does when someone asks for assistance, the Cali Comfort BBQ crew did what they do best to help out the community. They whipped up a huge BBQ catering order of their craft food.

Cali Comfort BBQ stepped up to the plate, no questions asked,” Kyle Whissel said.


Before the barbecue lunch party for the PRIDE Academy during Teacher Appreciation Week, Shawn Walchef and his BBQ catering team happily packed up box after box of slow-smoked meat and many pounds of savory and sweet side dishes. The portions were big and so were the smiles when the educators dug into the BBQ platters at their school.

“As we were walking through there was almost a line of people following us to get to the food as quick as they could,” said Kyle Whissel about the Cali Comfort BBQ delivery. “The kids were following us around too.”

On the catering menu that special day was a selection of Cali Comfort BBQ classics including:

  • Slow-Smoked Brisket
  • Tangy Pulled Pork
  • “Wicked” Peach Cobbler
  • The Famous “Wedding Beans”
  • Classic Mac and Cheese
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

As they do with all their catering orders, Cali Comfort BBQ’s catering team brought a special personal touch to the barbecue meal — staying up all night to watch over the smoker.

The team at Cali Comfort BBQ makes food with love, whether it’s served in the flagship restaurant, at the San Diego Gulls’ Pechanga Arena, or at a catered office party.

Catering team member Steven Swiderski said each BBQ catering order from the Cali Comfort BBQ catering team goes out with the same amount of care and love each time because it’s not just a job for the pitmasters at Cali Comfort BBQ, it’s a passion.

“I want (our food) to be sent out looking top-notch so people continue to come back and rant and rave about how amazing our stuff is,” Steven Swiderski said about Cali Comfort BBQ’s staff. “We just want to make people happy and spread the love of our BBQ with them.”

Teachers are underpaid and underappreciated, Steven Swiderski said, so everyone at Cali Comfort BBQ was happy to give back to educators. “We went all out for (the teachers) to show them our appreciation.”


The Walchef family and everyone at Cali Comfort BBQ loves teachers as much as they loves feeding people their mouth-watering barbecue. What better way to show someone you care, then delivering to them a lunch made with heart and soul. Feeding others like family is the Cali Comfort BBQ way.

“Our team, Steven and Amber, they smoked it all night. And it’ll be ready for lunch,” Shawn Walchef said as the smell of Cali Comfort BBQ’s smoky goodness filled the air in East San Diego County.

“Out here in East County there are so many kids and amazing families,” Shawn Walchef said about the San Diego community he also calls home.

As someone whose heritage has ingrained in him a tradition of hospitality, Shawn Walchef said he was happy to give back in exactly the way he does best — with great food, great catering, and great service.

“The people that are teaching those kids don’t get the recognition they deserve. This is a way to say, ‘thank you,’” Shawn Walchef said.

Teacher Appreciation Week is put on every May by the National PTA Parent Teacher Association. During Teacher Appreciation Week on May 5-11, 2019 the theme was “Teachers Are Out Of This World.” The hashtag for Teacher Appreciation Week is #thankateacher.

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