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Tri-Tip Cooking Tips from Cali Comfort BBQ pitmasters

Tri-Tip is a Cali BBQ specialty, but how do you make the perfect piece of smoked and seared tri-tip at your next backyard BBQ?

You can craft smoked tri-tip the Cali Comfort BBQ way with some of these steak cooking tips courtesy of the restaurant’s team of pitmasters.

Cali Comfort BBQ’s culinary crew of pitmasters delivered their barbecue tips on San Diego broadcast television over the Memorial Day weekend and on Memorial Day itself, a time where families gather to share food and memories. What better time to share Cali Comfort BBQ cooking tips so those at home can make food as good as they do at Cali Comfort BBQ?

Cali Comfort BBQ owner Shawn P. Walchef and culinary crew of hospitality professionals know a thing or two about hosting a big barbecue. They do it every day at their restaurant and special events bar in Spring Valley, in greater San Diego, California. At Cali Comfort BBQ, pitmasters like KCBS legend Gene Goycochea, culinary director, and the entire staff are trained to share their BBQ IQ knowledge with others — it’s the Cali way to give back.

The restaurant often presents cooking demonstrations at their restaurant, at events like the San Diego Eggfest and the Turf & Surf BBQ State Championship, and on TV and social media feeds.

Cali Comfort BBQ is “Top of Mind” when you think of West Coast BBQ because Shawn Walchef and his staff care about the share.

The West Coast BBQ Movement can’t be stopped.

Big Green Eggfest in San Diego by Hot Sauces N' More

On KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, Cali Comfort BBQ’s team shared grilling tips for the perfect Memorial Day BBQ of smoked tri-tip on a Big Green Egg.

Like with other cuts of meat, it’s easy to overcook tri-tip without the right approach and technique. That’s where the craft in “craft barbecue” comes into play.

Big Green Egg cookers are great for smoking and searing meats because of their high-temperature range. You can slowly smoke tri-tip, but you can also cook a grilled pizza in just a few minutes with a very high temperature. It’s a versatile cooker.

On KUSI Good Morning San Diego, Ginger Jeffries asked why do people like tri-tip so much? “I know why I like it, I feel it’s the most flavorful,” Ginger Jeffries said on KUSI Good Morning San Diego.

“It is a nice flavorful steak,” said Cali Comfort BBQ Pitmaster Derek Walz on KUSI News as he showed how to trim and prepare a tri-tip cut.

“We’re only taking a thin layer of fat off this (tri-tip), then we’re going to season it and get it in our smoker,” Derek Walz said during the cooking demonstration.

“I’m learning,” Ginger Jeffries said as grilling advice was shared by the Cali Comfort BBQ team.

“We appreciate that. We’re always learning,” said Shawn P. Walchef, an advocate for lifelong education.


KFMB CBS also invited Cali Comfort BBQ and friends to share grilling tips on the San Diego television station backlot over the Memorial Day weekend.

“It would not be Memorial Day, but let’s say any holiday, without having a visit from you guys.” KFMB’s Heather Myers said about the regular visits from Shawn Walchef and crew to the CBS 8 backlot.

Cali Comfort BBQ is a regular presence on television because owner Shawn Walchef and his team believe in sharing information just like their friends in broadcast media do every day. It’s all about spreading the word of the West Coast BBQ Movement and helping each other grow.

That’s because Cali Comfort BBQ is more than a restaurant, it’s also a media company, with a regular stream of digital content that educates and entertains in audio, visual, and written form.

During the appearance on CBS, Shawn Walchef made sure to mention that Memorial Day is about much more than outdoor cooking.

“Memorial Day is about remembering those who sacrificed for us to be able to do the things we love to do,” Shawn Walchef said about the annual day of remembrance.

“Memorial Day is also the start of BBQ season. Thankfully here in San Diego we barbecue all throughout the year. … For us, we’re really fortunate to do the stuff we love,” Shawn Walchef said.

Two Big Green Eggs were fired up during the CBS 8 San Diego television news segment. One was smoking a low-and-slow tri-tip, a Cali Comfort BBQ specialty. The other was blazing some Maui Ribs and Aloha Beef from Valley Farm Market.

The hotter temperature is used to cook the thinner, flatter cuts of beef, while the lower settings of the Big Green Egg are perfect for slowly smoking a thicker cut like a tri-tip roast, a Cali classic.

“It’s great to be able to do both, smoking and grilling,” said Valley Farm Market owner Derek Marso about the versatility of the Big Green Egg.



Cali Comfort BBQ crafts food with passion and spreads the gospel of slow-smoked barbecue all over the world using the connecting power of the Internet. The restaurant brings its fans “Behind the Smoke” with articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, and more to educate them on the inner workings of the hospitality business, BBQ and more.

Location: 8910 Troy St., Spring Valley, CA —



Valley Farm Market is located in Spring Valley and is famous for its USDA Prime and Choice Beef from Omaha Nebraska, fresh Seafood flown in weekly from Alaska, distribution of Julian Pies, Fine Wines and Microbrew Beer.

Location: 9040 Campo Road, Spring Valley, CA —


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