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Unboxing and Firing Up My New Traeger Pro 780 | Learning to BBQ

Unboxing Traeger Pro 780 Video

Thanks to a new Traeger Pro 780, my backyard BBQ journey is beginning. I have a lots to learn before I can truly call myself a “pitmaster.”

Trager Unboxing Walchef Wolfpack

While I might own Cali BBQ in San Diego, produce content daily for Cali BBQ Media, as well as co-organize the Bet on BBQ Championship in Del Mar, my actual personal cooking, grilling, and smoking skills are amateur at best. I would have a difficult time placing in the top ten of our own amateur BBQ contest we also organize annually, the Spring Valley BBQ Festival on Troy Street.

I am the guy who knows lots of great guys and girls who can do things much better than I can. But I’m going to learn now that I have my own Traeger Pro 780 grill and smoker in my backyard.

Trager Unboxing Pro 780 Instructions

I say these things about my cooking abilities in hopes that through my transparent Traeger Grills food content, I can learn from those who have much more experience than I do by messing up a lot publicly.


Let me know your advice for my new backyard barbecue and grilling journey on my wood-fired Traeger pellet grill on social media @shawnpwalchef or by emailing me at

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Unboxing and Setting Up My First Traeger Pellet Grill —

Watch the wood smoke roll from my brand new Traeger Pro 780 pellet grill after we unbox the smoker and set it up  in our backyard in San Diego.

At the end of the day, I am just a new dad and husband, who wants to learn how to use his new Traeger Pro 780 cooker to make healthy meals to help me achieve my goal of losing seventy pounds before I turn 40 years old in 2022.

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Plus have a little fun along the way and meet more amazing #bbqfamily members.

Traeger Pro 780 Unboxing Video Shoot with Rising Tides Creative


About the Traeger Pro 780 —

The Traeger Pro 780 is part of the company’s best-selling Pro series of pellet grills. The smoker uses Traeger’s WiFIRE Technology which lets you monitor and adjust the grill whenever and where-ever from the Traeger app on your smartphone.

Traeger Pro 780 Buy Online

Thank you to Doug Scheiding (@roguecookers) and Chad Ward (@whiskeybentbbq) for welcoming our Walchef Wolfpack family into the #traegernation by sending us this amazing Traeger Pro 780 pellet grill.

Learn more about the Traeger Pro 780 on the Traeger website.

Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill Capacity and Measurements

Please feel free to comment with any #traegergrills advice you have or send me a message.

Thanks to Rising Tides Creative for helping me make this fun Traeger unboxing video. ???

Rising Tides Creative Traeger Unboxing Video Shoot in January 2021

Trager Unboxing Pro 780 Box for Kids to Play

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