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Toast IPO on the New York Stock Exchange | $TOST NYSE Debut

Shawn Walchef at the New York Stock Exchange with Toast

Toast is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange as $TOST in its IPO debut.

Cali BBQ Media was behind-the-scenes at the debut of the Toast IPO (Initial Public Offering) to celebrate the restaurant technology company becoming publicly traded on the stock exchange ($TOST).

Toast is Cali BBQ’s primary technology partner and why we have been able to grow our restaurant company with digital hospitality.

Shawn Walchef Quote from Toast email newsletter


$TOST on the NYSE

As Toast was being listed on the NYSE ($TOST) on Sept. 22, 2021, the publicly traded company made sure to give a special thanks to the restaurants that are the backbone of their business and heart of the industry.

“We’re celebrating our shared success in getting to this point, and we wanted to show our gratitude for you – the restaurants that are the heart and soul of our communities,” Toast told its restaurant partners. “You’ve pivoted, innovated, and extended genuine hospitality through challenging times.

“We are proud to serve you. You inspire us to be better everyday. Thank you.”

Shawn Walchef and Chris Comparato at the New York Stock Exchange for the Toast IPO on Sept. 22, 2021

Toast CEO Chris Comparato rang the famed bell at the stock exchange to open the trading day, the first for $TOST.

“Thank you to our employees, customers and investors for believing in Toast,” Chris Comparato said. We’ll continue on our mission of empowering the restaurant community to delight their guests, do what they love and thrive. $TOST”

Toast Company Statistics:

• Nearly 48,000 restaurants use Toast as their technology partner

• There are an average of 5.5 million guest orders per day using the end-to-end ordering platform

• Around 500,000 restaurant employees use their Toast platforms every day.

• The team of 2,200 Toast employees (aka Toasters) works hard to support restaurants like ours every day.

A special shoutout to Ally Molongoski and Will Eppard our San Diego area reps for everything they do and to all the other 2,200+ great people who make up the @toasttab family of Toasters.

Toast believes in our mission to build the Amazon Prime of BBQ in San Diego using Toast technology. We will continue to share our story along the way.

Shawn Walchef and Eric Olafsen at the New York Stock Exchange for the Toast IPO on Sept. 22, 2021

We are honored to be one of the 48,000 restaurants that you support with your digital hospitality tools. We look forward to many more unboxing videos from new brands who discover you in the years to come.



National Restaurant Week 2021

To celebrate the accomplishment (and the success of restaurants in the Toast community) the restaurant technology company Toast is presented the first National Restaurant Week from Oct. 4-10.

The National Restaurant Week was created to encourage diners, both new and long-time, to support their favorites restaurants and other dining spots.

Toast wants more people to dine-out, take-out, and tip well.

Guests who share their #NationalRestaurantWeek experience on social media and tag the restaurant they visited will be entered to win a $200 gift card to a Toast restaurant of their choice, 3 winners awarded daily.

Use Toast’s Restaurant Search Tool to find participating restaurants online at


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