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What is the Best BBQ podcast?

Dave Raymond and Duce Raymond on the Behind the Smoke podcast

Finding the “Best” BBQ podcast can be challenging once you catch the podcast bug.

If you listen to our CaliBBQ.Media business and digital marketing podcasts then you know I hate “Best Of” lists. I disagree with these lists primarily because old, traditional media uses this clickbait trick to drive traffic to their website that’s filled with intrusive pop-up ads and shitty content. Newspapers, magazines, and even local news companies also use this technique to create a funnel for users to register their email address in order to vote for their favorite business. Which is also subjective.

Behind the Smoke recording a podcast with Mike Mills and Amy Mills from 17th Street BBQ

When it comes to something as subjective as barbecue or food in general, “Best of Lists” will trigger a cornucopia of emotional reaction from every reader. It is the perfect “clickbait” for all kinds of keyboard warriors to come out of their cyberspace to hit up the comments section and let it be known that the author or other voters have no idea what they are talking about. We all know these trolls. No one wins in this situation without feeling manipulated.

With that being said, I am publishing this blog post knowing damn well that when someone who loves BBQ is searching for a podcast, blog, or resource about BBQ, they most likely are typing (into Google)…”best bbq podcast,” “best bbq blog.”

As you might be aware, our Digital Hospitality podcast producer Stover was smart enough to include this SEO hack when he named his previous podcast, the “Best BBQ Show.

Stover and Shawn podcasted at the NBBQA conference

However, anyone in the BBQ podcast community already knows that the Best BBQ show title is reserved for Greg Rempe of “The BBQ Central Show.” Forever. Just ask him.

Starting a barbecue podcast is so hot right now. At the National Barbecue & Grilling Association conference in 2018, not only was ‘Best Audio Series‘ added as a new category for the NBBQA’s Awards of Excellence for Digital Media, but it was also the first time that any BBQ podcast was LIVE on site, covering the event digitally.

The BBQ Central Show, the Best BBQ Show, and our Behind the Smoke podcast were all in attendance, recording tons of digital media and audio content from Fort Worth, Texas. Last year on this blog, I hoped to see the number of BBQ podcasts double or triple. It seems that there’s even more than that going into the 2020 BBQ podcast landscape.

Shawn Walchef is a podcast host and restaurant owner

Please note this list is subjective and can never be fully comprehensive. So please share your suggestions and we will regularly update this podcast list! Leave your favorite food podcasts in the comments and we will talk about it!

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The BBQ Central Show and podcast

Hosted by Greg Rempe from Cleveland, Ohio

This is the longest-running, and most popular BBQ podcast for a reason. Each week The BBQ Central Show has on some of the biggest names in BBQ to help explain, teach, and promote the joys of firing up your grill and cooking outdoors.

The show books unique, entertaining and helpful interviews with top names, but host Greg Rempe also provides informative and funny commentary on all things BBQ culture and much more. The BBQ Central Show is live every Tuesday on Facebook and YouTube and is distributed throughout the week on all podcast platforms since 2007.

Twitter @BBQCentralShow

Instagram @BBQCenralShow

Facebook @BBQCentralShow

“In a general sense, The BBQ Central Show is like ESPN except it is covering the BBQ and Grilling Industry. If you want interviews with the top Pitmasters on the competition circuit, insight from cookbook authors and industry bloggers, reviews on accessories and cookers, then The BBQ Central Show is something you should be tuning in to each Tuesday night and if you can’t do that subscribing to the podcast via any podcast platform. The host also happens to be very funny and some would say has movie star good looks.” – Greg Rempe 

Best BBQ Show podcast

Hosted by Stover and Yoni from Austin, Texas

According to their tagline, “The BBQ podcast where we talk, taste and even try to cook the best barbecue in Texas which is the best barbecue in the world.” We were huge fans of the show that had the audacity to book guests who range from Hardcore Carnivore Jess Pryles, to Mia Khalifa, to Operation BBQ Relief.

Stover left the show in 2018 and continues to run Glencliff Media and produce BBQ and food content from the Pacific Northwest. It is now hosted by Yoni Levin in Austin.

Twitter @BestBarbecue

Instagram @BestBarbecue

Facebook @BestBarbecue

“The Best BBQ Show is not just a clever name. Each week, we bring our listeners — The Meatmen — behind-the-scenes of the best BBQ joints, with funny and revealing conversations featuring the best pitmasters in Texas and beyond. You wanted the BEST, you got the BEST.” – #Meatman Stover BBQ


How To BBQ Right podcast

Hosted by Rachelle and Malcom Reed from Memphis, Tennessee

The goal of the How To BBQ Right Podcast is to provide QUALITY BBQ recipes, how-to videos, and detailed procedures and tips for every BBQ’er from the backyard to the big show.

If you are not following Malcom Reed and Rachelle Reed’s HowToBBQRight channel on YouTube then make sure you do that NOW and find out why they have hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers following the weekly bbq and grilling recipes and grilling tips.

We are super excited that this BBQ YouTube Power couple has embraced audio technology and is now spreading their secrets and insights on their weekly podcast.

Twitter @HowToBBQRight

Instagram @HotToBBQRight

Facebook @HowToBBQRight

“Our podcast is all about cooking barbecue. We talk about our YouTube recipes, competition BBQ and all things delicious. ” – Malcom Reed


Man Meat BBQ podcast

Hosted by Mikey Kay from Chicago, Illinois 

Man Meat BBQ offers barbecue and grilling conversation and tips to everyone from the most seasoned pitmasters to someone who has just bought the first smoker and is looking for a podcast to start their BBQ journey.

The show is published weekly on Thursdays on all podcast platforms. If you are active on social and tag #ManMeatBBQ you might get noticed by the show and appear on the podcast someday!

Twitter @ManMeatBBQ

Instagram @ManMeatBBQ

Facebook @ManMeatBBQ

“From the backyard, to the competition circuit, to the brick and mortar and to smoking techniques used in countries across the globe, Man Meat BBQ podcast is your unfiltered look into the world of BBQ.” – Mikey Kay


THE BBQ BEAT podcast

Hosted by Kevin Sandridge from Winter Haven, Florida

The BBQ Beat Podcast is for anyone who loves grilling up a good meal or ramping up their low and slow BBQ cooking skills to become King of the Cul-De-Sac.

Kevin created The BBQ Beat blog and podcast for casual BBQ fans, cook teams, BBQ competition event coordinators, and anyone else interested in living the Que Lifestyle.If you are looking for a high-quality resource for digitally marketing bbq then make sure to follow The BBQ Beat.

Twitter @BBQBeat

Instagram @BBQBeat

Facebook @BBQBeat

“Through the BBQ Beat, I spend a lot of time seeking out and sharing with my readers and followers the really good stuff in the world of BBQ and grilling. It’s sort of a digest of what’s going on out there that’s worth knowing about. The BBQ Beat Podcast is an extension of that. I make every effort to seek out cool and interesting people with good stories to tell and really give them the time required to truly tell them. Conversations are always free-flowing and natural, and I’m fortunate to be able to say that listeners really seem to appreciate what I’m doing. ” – Kevin Sandridge


BBQ State of Mind podcast

Hosted by J.C. Reid, Alison Cook, and Greg Morago from Houston, Texas

It is always refreshing to see traditional media embracing digital media and podcasting in particular as a way to grow their brand.

We are very impressed that the Houston Chronicle has figured out what a majority of newspapers have failed to recognize; producing an engaging podcast with your top talent has the potential to drive revenue and awareness in ways that extend well beyond the reach of the newspaper.

Join barbecue columnist J.C. Reid, James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic Alison Cook and food editor Greg Morago as they discuss the culture of barbecue in Houston, across Texas and anywhere else where meat meets smoke.

Twitter @jcreidtx  @alisoncook  @gregmorago

Instagram @houstonchron

Facebook @houstonchronicle

BBQ State of Mind Website


Tales From The Pits podcast

Hosted by Bryan Norton and Andrew Martinez from Houston, Texas

The rest of the BBQ world should take notice when so many quality BBQ podcasts are getting produced in one state.

Tales from the Pits is a Texas BBQ Podcast highlighting the food, personalities, and traditions of the Lone Star State’s smoked meats. It continues to become a Texas podcast powerhouse.

More than just chat, listen to great interviews with trendsetters, leaders, and icons from the barbecue industry, as well as news and updates on the industry from two BBQ superfans.

Twitter @BBQPodcast

Instagram @TalesFromThePits

Tales From The Pits

“Whether it’s a BBQ family with a rich history, a newcomer to the scene with a great story of how they got bit by the BBQ bug, or a pit builder making high quality smokers that contribute to the scene, we try to turn on the mics and let them tell their stories. We do our best to provide honest insight and opinions of barbecue based on our years of eating it, competing in cook offs, and cooking and selling it on the retail side.” – Bryan Norton


The Rub Podcast

Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman from Memphis, Tennessee 

The Rub was an award-winning podcast and weekly radio show that was all about BBQ, outdoor grilling and competition cooking. It was broadcast on 600 WREC & 92.1FM.

Sadly, cohost Forrest Goodman passed away in 2019. “Forrest was not just our Co-host but a great friend and mentor,” the show said in a statement on Twitter. “Forrest shared our passion for BBQ, Outdoor cooking, Memphis Tigers, and tailgating. Please keep his wife and daughter in your prayers.”

The Rub was the 1st Place Winner of the NBBQA’s Award’s of Excellence for Best Audio Series 2018.

Twitter @TheRubPodcast

Facebook @TheRubPodcast

The Rub Podcast 


Barbecue Nation with JT

Hosted by Jeff Tracy “The Cowboy Cook” from Portland, Oregon

Earning his reputation in the entertainment industry, JT has extensive experience in syndicated radio as well as regular TV appearances as The Cowboy Cook on ABC affiliates across the West Coast.

Known for legendary interviews with BBQ heavyweights like Aaron Franklin, Steven Raichlen, Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet)*, Tuffy Stone, Wayne Mueller, and James Drury (The Virginian).

Twitter: @CowCook57

Facebook: @BarbecueNationWithJT

Barbecue Nation with JT

“On Barbecue Nation every week we talk to the top guns in BBQ from television, to judges, to organizers like Carolyn Wells of Kansas City Barbecue Society.” – ‘JT’ Jeff Tracy


Smoking Hot Confessions podcast

Hosted by Ben Arnot from Gold Coast, Australia

Smoking Hot Confessions is bringing sexy BBQ back to the everyman. If you needed any evidence that low-n-slow smoking methods have spread like wildfire all over the globe, then you must listen to host Ben Arnot discuss the BBQ Movement happening in Australia.

Ben Arnot not only discusses the BBQ scene in Australia but also covers BBQ tips, tricks and secrets from pitmasters all over the world. He even traveled to the 2019 NBBQA Conference after being invited by Behind the Smoke in 2018.

Twitter @bbqconfessions

Instagram @smokinhotcofessions

Facebook @SmokinHotConfessions

“Smoking Hot Confessions is all about teaching, learning and sharing all about BBQ. Based out of the Gold Coast, Australia, each season of the podcast is a deep dive into different aspects of the delicious world of BBQ and the website is a treasure trove of recipes, how to’s, reviews and articles.” – Ben Arnot


Meat and Metal NO podcast

Hosted by Olav Skogass from Drammen, Norway

Norway has its own BBQ Podcast thanks to Olav Skogass and his dedication to growing the slow smoke BBQ movement in his native land.

While your Norwegian might be a little rusty he does publish episodes in English every now and then so that we can check in on what is happening on the other side of the world. We are one big BBQ family.

Meat and Metal er en blogg om grilling. Her får du tips, teknikker, oppskrifter og litt andre ting

Twitter @MeatandMetalNO

Instagram @MeatandMetalNO

Facebook  @MeatandMetalNO


Behind The Smoke: BBQ War Stories

Hosted by Shawn Walchef and Derek Marso from San Diego, California

The Behind The Smoke podcast was dedicated to revealing the truths in the business and digital marketing of BBQ. It wrapped up 100 episodes in 2018. Host Shawn Walchef’s new podcast is Digital Hospitality.

Almost all the podcasts were recorded at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, “Above The Butcher Shop”. A Social Shout Out Winner was announced weekly for the fan who tagged @bbqwarstories in their #BehindTheSmoke photos or who submits the best questions for the hosts.

Twitter @BBQWarStories

Instagram @BBQWarStories

Facebook @BBQWarStories

“Are you f-ing kidding me, Shawn?” – Derek Marso

If you own a BBQ restaurant, butcher shop, catering company, or another business, and you’re thinking about starting your own podcast then we highly encourage you to get started today! We can help. Contact us anytime for advice on podcast equipment, getting started, WHY you should do it, or HOW podcasting can help your digital marketing efforts. Email us at

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