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Talking Restaurant Branding During the Pandemic on Shark Bite Biz Podcast

Shark Bite Biz podcast episode Shawn Walchef

The restaurant industry has been hit hard during the 2020 pandemic. Cali BBQ owner Shawn Walchef was a guest on the Shark Bite Biz podcast to talk about the state of the hospitality business and the ways it can digitally transform to find a future for tomorrow.

But even with the right knowledge and tools, that doesn’t mean there won’t be tough biz decisions and big moves that have to be made in 2020 and beyond, in order for your business to survive and thrive into the future.

Learn more by checking out the Shark Bite Biz show however you watch or listen to business podcasts.

Shark Bite Biz is hosted by business professional David Strausser.

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About the Shark Bite Biz Podcast

On the Shark Bite Biz podcast, host David Strausser and his guests help you navigate through the rigid waters of today’s business environment. Learn more and subscribe online:

“In a business world of sharks, learn how to bite first!”


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