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Wil Brawley of Schedulefly Fostered Trust Through Storytelling

The birth of Schedulefly was rooted in the chaos of manually creating restaurant schedules using Post-It Notes. Wil Brawley and his partners recognized the inefficiencies in this process and envisioned a streamlined solution aimed to eliminate the constant need for phone calls and last-minute changes. Schedulefly emerged as that solution, and revolutionized communication within the […]

SPARK SERVED BY TOAST IS HITTING THE ROAD TO SAN FRANCISCO In the words of Cali BBQ Media Founder and Toast Board member, Shawn Walchef, “Spark is the most important restaurant event in your local area”.    Now, the tech focused event is hitting the road to Northern California. Served by the folks at Toast, Spark San Francisco will get a chance to experience the […]

Optimizing Tech Stacks with Chris Fletcher of Tech on Toast

As the restaurant industry becomes increasingly immersed in the world of technology, Chris Fletcher, founder of Tech on Toast, is addressing the gaps between restaurant operators and tech suppliers.  Tech on Toast: Bridging the Gap Between Operations and Technology Chris Fletcher, founder of Tech on Toast, recognized a significant gap between tech suppliers and restaurant […]

Closing Hospitality Gaps with Jennifer Ryan of Croux

Jennifer Ryan, the founder of Croux, identified a crucial gap in the hospitality industry during her experience launching a restaurant right before the onset of COVID-19. The challenge of finding flexible staffing solutions became a persistent pain point, leading Ryan to conceptualize Croux. She explained to host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media, “I had […]

Marqii’s Huge Partnership Announcement with Avi Goren

Get to know Marqii CEO Avi Goren In the restaurant industry, Marqii CEO Avi Goren is a visionary leader, shaping the landscape of digital hospitality through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking solutions. With a unique perspective derived from both his consumer experience and entrepreneurial journey, Goren navigates the challenges faced by the industry with a keen […]

Shawn Walchef Talks Quality Content Creation at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

Shawn Walchef, the owner of Cali BBQ Media, delivered a compelling speech at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo 2023, emphasizing the transformative power of the internet and social media. Walchef shared his philosophy of presenting his authentic self across various social media platforms, highlighting that he integrates his personal and professional life seamlessly. This […]

Prioritizing Community Outreach with Avery Ward of Little Italy Ristorante

Avery Ward, the CEO of Little Italy, stands at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to enhance hospitality in the restaurant industry. Recognizing a critical pain point for his customers, Ward partnered with Shipday to address challenges related to communication and transparency. In this interview with host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media and […]

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Kshitiz Sanghi of Voosh

In the dynamic landscape of technology and entrepreneurship, Kshitiz Sanghi emerges as a visionary co-founder, playing a pivotal role in the success story of Voosh. With a passion for innovation and a wealth of experience, Sanghi has navigated the challenging realms of startup growth and development. Along with his partner Priyam Saraswat, Voosh is striving […]

Embracing the Onboarding Process with Aaron Palacios of Swadley’s BBQ

Aaron Palacios is the Senior Director of People Services at Swadley’s BBQ. While in his role, he has orchestrated a transformative shift by integrating Restaurant365 across key business functions. This move not only streamlined accounting and marketing but also introduced a dedicated HR support center within Restaurant365, enhancing the experience for managers, customers, and employees […]

How Subscriptions and Robotics Enhance Hospitality with Andrew Simmons of Mamma Ramona’s Pizzeria

In the midst of the tumultuous impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry, Andrew Simmons, the CEO of Mamma Ramona’s Pizzeria, and forward-thinking leader, leveraged technology to navigate the challenges. Recognizing the need for adaptability, Simmons witnessed a surge in restaurants embracing change, particularly in reclaiming control over their data and managing partnerships to shield […]