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Redefining Creative Digital Marketing Agencies | Mate Society

DH058 Mate Endless Summer Seltzer

In 2014, Hernán Regiardo spent most of his time surfing waves and surfing the web. Frequenting the best wakes and the best blogs, Hernán’s passion for water sports and travel sites took him to Indonesia for a trip that would change his life. “I felt inspired and started traveling,” recalls Mate Society’s Hernán Regiardo on […]

Screw the Algorithm – Just Post | Mate Society Digital Marketing Agency | DH058

Podcast Cover Image - DH058 Mate Society

The best time to post to social media is yesterday — the next best time is now. That’s one of the many social media marketing and digital content creation lessons and insights that Mate’s Samantha Trottier and Hernán Regiardo shared with us on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast. “The best moment to do […]

Steps to Recover Hacked Instagram Account | Social Media Marketing Tips

How to Unhack Your Hacked Instagram Account featuring @GrillGirlRobyn

It’s possible to get your Instagram account back after it has been hacked, but it will take persistence and help. GrillGirl Robyn experienced this confusing journey firsthand and now wants to help others do the same. Robyn Lindars shared her behind-the-scenes tips and secrets on the Digital Hospitality podcast about getting her @grillgirlrobyn Instagram account back in […]