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Creating an Inclusive Pizza Experience with Ernie Carrillo of Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria

An Inclusive Dining Experience Ernie Carrillo, the founder of Joe & Ernie’s Pizzeria, is crafting an inclusive dining experience that caters to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. From vegan options to gluten-free delights, Carrillo’s commitment to quality and diversity sets his pizzeria apart in Southern California’s vibrant culinary scene. “I think pizza is that type […]

The Ultimate Hospitality Mindset with Solomon Choi of Jabba Brands

Solomon Choi, the CEO of Jabba Brands, believes in the power of giving more to ask for more.  Reflecting on his early career, Choi made a bold decision for his family business early in his career, which ultimately paid off. By providing greater service, Choi was able to raise prices confidently, recognizing the value of […]

Coaching Call with David Meltzer: Surge Pricing vs. Dynamic Pricing

Cali BBQ was featured in a Wall Street Journal article about restaurants experimentation with the surge price model.  Digital Hospitality host, Shawn Walchef, tapped his mentor David Meltzer for another coaching call to discuss the article and the idea of brand awareness to breathe life into the static words and transition from article to conversation. […]

Revolutionizing Restaurant Operations with Christine Schindler of Pathspot

Christine Schindler, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pathspot, is spearheading a transformative movement in the restaurant industry by digitizing back-of-house operations.  Pathspot’s mission is clear: to enhance efficiency and safety in restaurant environments by consolidating various operational and safety procedures into a single, streamlined platform.  “Pathspot is a system for operational and safety tools, both […]

How to Turn Your Business into Media Company: Coaching Call with David Meltzer

Aligning Behavior and Goals In the pursuit of success, according to author, speaker, and entrepreneur David Meltzer, the crucial element lies in aligning one’s behavior with the goals one aspires to achieve. He highlights the key factors to bridge this gap—wisdom, mentorship, faith, and, most importantly, humility. “Behavior that’s aligned with where you want to […]

Loyalty is Hospitality with Zach Goldstein of Thanx

Finding time for thought leadership can be a challenge. However, for Zach Goldstein, the CEO of Thanx, the responsibility to share knowledge and uplift the industry is paramount. Goldstein acknowledges the industry’s lag in becoming data-driven and sees thought leadership, even if its ROI is not immediately visible, as a means to assist operators.  He […]

Wil Brawley of Schedulefly Fostered Trust Through Storytelling

The birth of Schedulefly was rooted in the chaos of manually creating restaurant schedules using Post-It Notes. Wil Brawley and his partners recognized the inefficiencies in this process and envisioned a streamlined solution aimed to eliminate the constant need for phone calls and last-minute changes. Schedulefly emerged as that solution, and revolutionized communication within the […]

Optimizing Tech Stacks with Chris Fletcher of Tech on Toast

As the restaurant industry becomes increasingly immersed in the world of technology, Chris Fletcher, founder of Tech on Toast, is addressing the gaps between restaurant operators and tech suppliers.  Tech on Toast: Bridging the Gap Between Operations and Technology Chris Fletcher, founder of Tech on Toast, recognized a significant gap between tech suppliers and restaurant […]

The Robotics Revolution in Hospitality with Sudheer Sajja of Pringle Robotics

Sudheer Sajja, the Founder of Pringle Robotics, recognized a pressing need for innovative solutions to address the worker shortage issue. Listening to feedback and observing the challenges faced by waitstaff, Sajja identified a gap in service that inspired the creation of Pringle Robotics.  “We really thought maybe where we could add additional help to the […]