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Toast POS is Built to Make Restaurants Better | Why Cali BBQ Switched to Toast from Aloha

Toast POS unboxing at Cali BBQ in San Diego

Toast is built to make restaurants better. Why does a restaurant need a cloud-based point of sale system like Toast that offers real time software updates?

Because using modern up-to-date tech tools like Toast for your restaurant or other business is incredibly important to making sure you stay profitable into the future.

Shawn Walchef opening Toast system at Cali BBQ

In order to thrive and survive in a technological world, you need to make the most out of the wealth of technology available to you.


In the Toast onboarding video our GM and partner, Eric Olafsen, who has worked with us since before we installed Aloha in 2008, explains the simple back office Toast set up process.

“It’s easy,” the Cali BBQ General Manager said. “It’s basically just unplugging and plugging things in and setting up terminals, which is very easy and I would think most people could do. Obviously Toast will help you out if you’re not comfortable with that.”

When we realized that it was finally time for Cali BBQ to make the investment for the future of our digital-first brand, we started the process of learning about the benefits of switching to Toast, Inc. from Aloha, which we had been using for the last twelve years.

Switching from Aloha to Toast made sense for us for a number of reasons. The more we learned about the solutions, the technology, the company, and the people driving the enterprise, the more exciting the process became.

Watch our Toast point of sale and management system unboxing video to see more about why Cali BBQ made this significant restaurant upgrade.

Our digital restaurant made the switch from our Aloha POS to Toast’s point of sale system so that we can meet the increasing demands of our Digital Hospitality ambitions and thesis.

During #covid19 we turned our full-service family restaurant, which we have been running for the last twelve years, into a digital restaurant for delivery and online takeout only.

Here is our Digital Hospitality: A CaliBBQ.Media Podcast video explaining why and how we use tech tools in our new business model.

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About Toast, Inc.

Toast, Inc. is a cloud-based restaurant software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides a restaurant management and point of sale system built on the Android operating system.

TOAST Point of Sale and Management System

Toast was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2012 by Steve Fredette, Aman Narang, and Jonathan Grimm.

Toast Online:

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