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Supporting Jake’s Projects with a T-Shirt Fundraising Campaign

Creating a Shirt Fundraiser for Jake's Projects on Tzilla

Fundraising is very hard, especially when you want to make and sell t-shirts. This solution could help you start raising money right now.

In this Cali BBQ Media behind-the-scenes episode, Shawn Walchef and Dave Palet continue their conversation from the Digital Hospitality podcast about Jake’s Projects and making fundraising easier to accomplish.

They are joined in Dave’s garage by Cali BBQ Media’s web architect and digital guru Kyle Pflueger, owner of Mithril Media.

Kyle Pflueger and Mithril Media created the Jake’s Projects website out of love for the cause, a fantastic charity founded in 2019 by Dave Palet in memory of his youngest son.

Jake's Project T-Shirt

“Jake’s Projects is a nonprofit designed to raise money for kids to continue to play sports,” Dave Palet said.

Coaching and inspiring young athletes is a love that Dave and his son Jake shared.

Jake Palet hugs his father Dave Palet after a California Bears win.

Playing team sports is expensive and some kids can’t afford to participate. The nonprofit Jake’s Projects charity helps keep kids in the game by raising money to not only fix ballfields, but to pay for uniforms, equipment, and even camps for kids to be seen by scouts and hopefully earn college scholarships.

“We’re in a hurry now to raise as much money as we can,” Dave Palet said. “$25,000 would be outstanding. We can help a lot of kids for $25,000.”

Your donation to Jake’s Projects will help a kid’s sports dreams be fulfilled.

Creating a Fundraiser Online

To help raise money for the cause, Cali BBQ Media and the Tzilla t-shirt fundraising platform have set up a way to easily buy a Jake’s Projects shirt online. The Tzilla online ordering platform even lets you pick any color you want for the shirt.

Jake's Projects shirts ordered on Tzilla

Buy your official Jake’s Projects t-shirts online on Tzilla. After you do, please pass on the link to another person so they can support the cause too.

The shirts cost $25 because 25 was Jake’s number.

Jake Palet cared deeply about the California Bears

In the Cali BBQ Media “Behind the Smoke” video, Kyle Pflueger guides Shawn and Dave through the quick and easy process of setting up a Tzilla t-shirt fundraising campaign so you can do it too for your own charity.

Kyle Pflueger also designed the website for the Dave and Jeff Podcast, the long running San Diego sports entertainment show hosted by Dave Palet and Jeff Dotseth.

Setting up the Jake's Projects Tshirt Fundraiser on Tzilla online

Fundraising is hard and takes a lot of time. And when you’re dealing with things like inventory and distribution, it’s even more difficult. Anyone who’s tried to sell t-shirts for a charity knows this all too well.

Tzilla provides a solution to that problem by making it easy for you to set up a t-shirt campaign, and support other fundraisers as well. All it takes is a few clicks and you’re ready to raise money.

Let’s all do this for the kids and continue our mission of helping others by giving back to Jake’s Projects and representing them with a t-shirt.

Kyle Pflueger, Shawn Walchef, and Dave Palet in Dave's garage

Remember our motto: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships.

Buy a Jake’s Projects t-shirt on Tzilla at

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