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Spotify Playlist Challenge | David Meltzer (Business Mentor) | DH065

David Meltzer has found success in all arenas of life. 

Taking on title bouts in business, family and friendship, David Meltzer has gone toe-to-toe with doubt, loss, and a world that sometimes feels like it’s run out of love. Nevertheless, the inspiring leader continues to conquer and fight fear with a smile on his face.

David Meltzer Shawn Walchef Coaching Call Thumbs UpWhether tackling tough critics in his industry or catching inspiration off a loved one since passed, it’s music that often motivates Meltzer.

On a recent business coaching call with my mentor David Meltzer, he shared his own diverse song selections for the Cali BBQ Media Spotify Playlist Challenge.

Hear about the tunes and tales from the sports media mogul, author, speaker, and philanthropist on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast.

Tag us online or send us a message with a link to your Spotify Playlists so we can learn more about your own musical journeys.



Spotify Playlist Challenge | David Meltzer Top 10 Songs


1. Happy – Pharrell


“I was working out at the gym with a lot of people laughing at me, scoffing at me and asking me why. At that moment, I heard this song, before it was popular, and it just stuck with me and it still chokes me up. Pharrell had written this song for the greatest musical talents in the world and no one wanted. I felt like Pharrell at that time. I had built big brands, ran big companies, made millions of dollars and had every right to believe that my next move was right, but they laughed at me like they laughed at Pharrell. I have the old iPod Shuffle and I will replay “Happy” for an entire run or workout because it reminds me of when no one believed in me.”


2. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley


“My father-in-law, who passed away, used to always make us play that song when he came to the beach house in San Diego,” David Meltzer remembers. “To this day, there’s still three birds that come onto the deck. I believe that’s a sign to me and my wife of how grateful he was for the opportunity.”


3. Where is the Love? – Black Eyed Peas


“This song has the best lyrics that are applicable to today, especially with the election. Go back, listen to the lyrics of that song, and it applies to today.”


4. Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye


“That’s my romantic song with my wife,” David Meltzer said. “A little bit naughty, a little bit sexy, but it’s my song.”


5. Rocket Man – Elton John


“My oldest brother had passed away from HIV, he had struggled to be accepted for who he was. Elton John raised over $400 Million for AIDS. He was the Rocket Man and he’s probably changed the world more than anyone could imagine in coming up for a cure for HIV.”


6. Imagine – John Lennon


“My favorite song,” David Meltzer said. “My book is about that song — the possibility, the probability, the perspective. You listen to that song and that’s how you manifest. It’s the deepest song and it has layers and layers of understanding. John Lennon was a prophet and that’s my favorite song.”


7. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin


“My wife’s favorite song so it has to be on my list.”


8. America – Neil Diamond


“That song’s a childhood favorite of my mom and my wife’s mom. I grew up listening to that song and it reminds me of my mom.”


9. Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles


“That’s the song I sang to my kids when they were in the belly. I have a horrible voice, so I’d play it behind me a little louder.”


10. Change in My Life – John Pagano


“That’s my new favorite, it’s from the movie Leap of Faith. It talks about the idea of loving where you are today, angling towards something better but having faith that you’ll land somewhere even better than that. It’s an inspirational gospel song that’s one of my favorites if not my favorite to listen to today.”



Spotify Playlist Challenge Rules:

  1. ?? You will talk and post about the #SpotifyPlaylistChallenge
  2. ☑️ Pick someone you love and admire and ask them to create a public digital playlist on Spotify of 10 songs that are on the soundtrack to their life.
  3. ?? Interview them about their music playlist using your smartphone, Zoom, etc. to record their answers digitally.
  4. ? Share what you learned about them and their music on the Internet, whether it’s a blog, podcast, or social media post.
  5. ? Ask your interview subject to nominate and interview someone else to take the challenge.
  6. ❤️ Final rule is there are no rules to digitally storytelling except one: you must publish and share your story online.



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David Meltzer is the co-founder and former CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, where he utilizes his relationship capital and situational knowledge to secure diverse business opportunities for clients and partners. He has spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur and executive in the legal, technology, sport, and entertainment fields with expertise across many industry verticals. David launched his career in sports at the world’s most notable sports agency, Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, serving as CEO, where along with Leigh and Warren Moon, negotiated over $2 billion in sports and entertainment contracts.



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