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Promoting Your Restaurant Across Different Social Media Platforms | Yelp Blog

Yelp Connect platform example on cell phone

How do you promote your business on social media effectively? By customizing your message for different social platforms.

The Yelp Blog featured Cali BBQ Media Founder Shawn Walchef and his digital knowledge in a very informative restaurant marketing article by Callie Abraham.

“Every platform has a unique audience,” the Cali BBQ owner said.

“Every social media platform is like a different room in your restaurant where you would seat different types of customers.”

“But everyone is coming to one house, and that house is your brand identity.”

Social Media Marketing Guide Chapters —

  1. Instagram: Brand your business
  2. Facebook: Create a community
  3. Twitter: Share newsworthy content
  4. LinkedIn: Build your professional network
  5. Yelp: Attract and retain customers

Check out the full Social Media article for a deeper look at important social media marketing channels, including tips and best practices for each digital platform.

“Your audience is most likely not the same across each platform, so your content shouldn’t be either,” the Yelp article states. “Each online platform offers specific benefits and features that differ vastly, and it’s important to understand the difference so you communicate with your audience in a meaningful and effective way.”

-READ MORE by Callie Abraham on the Yelp Blog |



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