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A Snoice Five Years Serving Snow and Ice Desserts in San Diego

Snoice photo

Snoice in San Diego celebrated 5 years in business the way it does best — with cold desserts and helping the community.

The anniversary of the San Diego dessert shop is Aug. 18. Each year it’s a worthy cause for celebration.

However, in 2020 celebrations are different now. As the pandemic has forced people physically apart, Snoice is looking to bring everyone closer together in unity.

“Like many small businesses, it has also been a tough time, and we have made many tough decisions to stay afloat,” said Alyssa San Agustin, social media and community manager for Snoice.

“Amidst COVID-19, we also felt compelled to fight for our community just as they have been fighting for us.”

“While this has been a trying time for us, it has allowed us to grasp how important our community is. Our customers have supported us full heartedly through all the pivots we’ve made and have continued to show their unwavering love.”


Food, Family, and Culture

Snoice is owned by Jayrell Ringpis and Dianne Manansala. They specialize in shaved snow, boba tea, and halo-halo.

Snoice menu items 2020

The San Diego dessert dynamos proved their talents by winning first place at our 2019 Del Mar Surf and Turf Bet on BBQ festival in Del Mar — among many other accolades and honors.


Standing with Black Lives Matter

One of the ways Snoice is working to help the community is by lifting up other voices through their platform. They are standing in alliance with the Black Lives Matter movement and shedding light on “the amazing black creators, artists, business owners, and community members.”

“This five-year celebration extends beyond just our store. It’s a celebration of the community in which our store stands and we feel it is important to continue to fight for that community.”

Snoice believes it is their responsibility to help because of the inequities that the BIPOC community faces. They have long supported Black Live Matters and other causes, including participating in the Ice Cream for Change campaign (led by Scoops in San Diego) and donating profits from an Instagram takeover with Faithe Herman to Justice For Breonna Taylor.


Some of the other ways Snoice celebrated their business anniversary included:

  1. Hosted an Instagram giveaway for five days leading up to their anniversary, where they called for their followers to share their favorite Snoice memory, dessert, drink and black-owned business or creator.

  2. Launched a new line of merchandise, including reusable straws and face masks.

  3. Celebrated their first-ever menu item with a $2 Mango Shaved Snow promotion.

  4. Released a video online sharing Snoice’s journey from their first 5 years.

Congratulations and Nazdrave to our friends at Snoice for an amazing 5 years and many more.

Learn more about Snoice and get in touch online at

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