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SLAM DIEGO! Padres Inspires Creative Food and Drink Menu Items in San Diego

NBC7 News - Slam Diego - October 2020 - Fishbowl

The Friar Faithful are so devoted to their San Diego Padres that team-inspired food and drink options are now available in town, including Cali BBQ’s own SLAM DIEGO cocktail, a Mango Machado IPA, and even El Niño pizza.

Slam Diego Cocktail Wide

NBC7 News and Lauren Coronado reported on our Slam Diego Fishbowl Cocktail To Go at Cali BBQ, as well as other San Diego Padres-inspired offerings from Creative Creature Brewing and Pandemic Pizza.

Watch the NBC TV news segment about Padres food fandom and the San Diego restaurant and bar scene and don’t forget to support local restaurants and local sports.


San Diego Padres Inspired Food and Drinks



Original Article: “Eat Up: Padres Themed Bites, Brews Available Across Town” by Lauren Coronado of NBC7 San Diego.

The San Diego Padres fever is hitting the food scene as a handful of small businesses are rallying behind the team with Padres-themed bites and brews.

Some business owners and managers NBC 7 spoke with are born and raised Padres fans and they’re finding ways to bring the ballpark to your living room as they navigate the pandemic behind small businesses.

Cali BBQ manager Ian Aspinall was inspired by the Padres Grand Slams to create the Slam Diego Fishbowl cocktail.

“We’re doing something that’s pretty historic with those games, with the four-grand slams, back to back to back was awesome,” Ian Aspinall said on NBC7 in San Diego.

Its a spin-off a whiskey sour with a splash of amaretto and a slice of BBQ spiced, smoked pineapple as a garnish.

Slam Diego Cocktail at Cali BBQ in San Diego

“It’s kind of a do-it-yourself. So once you get the growler it comes with the fishbowl everything is wrapped up and ready to go for you,” he said.

Mango Machado at Creative Creature Brewing:

“Its Padres fever, that’s the best way I can describe it,” said Jesus Escobar, one of the owners of the Creative Creature Brewing in El Cajon who is bringing back the Mango Machado (IPA).

“He’s a great player, probably a future Hall of Famer,” Escobar said. The drink can be described as a hazy double IPA which has proven to be a fan favorite.

“It’s hard to keep the cans on the shelves and we can’t keep it on tap either here at the brewery,” he said.

Escobar said they are also rolling out the “Hazenando Frutis Double IPA” and are taking pre-sale orders online.

El Nino at Pandemic Pizza:

In East Village, Pandemic Pizza is rolling out, “El Niño.”

“Fernando Tatis Jr. So we made a special pizza in honor of him. He’s a shining star,” said Larry Abrams who is the kitchen manager.

He told NBC 7 that a dollar from each pizza sold is donated to a local charity.

“It’s a chicken pastor taco on a pizza made with an avocado mouse, sour cream, a little bit of cilantro, a little bit of red onion finished off with cheddar cheese,” Abrams said.

Friar Faithful:

All three business owners are celebrating the Padres’ success and are getting ready for three more wins.

“To have something like this in our city, this year, is just amazing,” said Escobar.

The San Diego Padres defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in a shutout to advance to the National League Division Series and face the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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