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Saving Small Business Spotlight on CBS News 8

CBS 8 Saving Small Business Shawn Walchef Cali BBQ

Cali BBQ was featured live during the Saving Small Business segment on CBS News 8 in May 2020.

Cali BBQ owner/operator Shawn Walchef talked on the San Diego CBS news broadcast with Eric Kahnert about the difficulties and triumphs that have come to the family restaurant in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eric Kahnert interviews Shawn Walchef on CBS 8 in May 2020

The Walchefs opened Cali Comfort BBQ in 2008, during the wake of another economic disaster: the Great Recession. The restaurant survived that struggle and will survive this monumental one as well.



The California BBQ restaurant’s pivot to becoming a takeout and delivery restaurant instead of a dine-in sports bar was highlighted as a success story on the news.

Drinks to Go at Cali BBQ 2020 April

The Growler Fishbowl Cocktails To Go have been a huge hit along with the ever-popular slow smoked meats by the pound.

Still, Cali BBQ and other family run businesses still have a lot of work to do before they can fully recover following the devastation that the coronavirus pandemic brought to small business.

Eric Kahnert interviews Shawn Walchef on CBS 8 in May 2020

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