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5 Tasty Toast Recipes by Sam The Cooking Guy | Making Toast for Toast POS

Sam The Cooking Guy 5 Epic Toast Recipes and Video

Watch Sam The Cooking Guy cook five unique recipes for toast (no toaster required). 


Learn how to make these Sam Zien The Cooking Guy recipes at home in under 6 minutes: 

  1. Cap’n Crunch French Toast | Video: [1:25​]
  2. Lox and Avocado Toast | Video: [2:07​]
  3. Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Toast | Video: [2:38​]
  4. Dim Sum” Shrimp Toast | Video: [4:13​]
  5. Ciabatta and Prosciutto, Sautéed Spinach and Crispy Poached Egg Toast | Video: [5:04​]


Sam the Cooking Guy Cooks Toast in his Backyard in San Diego

Check out the full Sam The Cooking Guy video at… to see Sam Zien make these 5 epic toast recipes alongside friend and fellow restaurateur Shawn Walchef (Cali BBQ Media) for the Toast point of sale system company and CEO Chris Comparato.

Sam the Cooking Guy Backyard Cooking for Toast Inc

The toaster-less toast recipes Sam Zien makes in his backyard kitchen on a huge flat-top griddle tasted and looked amazing.

Sam the Cooking Guy Toast on Plate

Which was your favorite Sam The Cooking Guy recipe? Let us know in the comments or on social media at @calibbqmedia, @calibbq, and @shawnpwalchef.

Read more about the great day on the Cali BBQ Media blog at:…

Sam The Cooking Guy Makes Capt Crunch French Toast

Toast Inc CEO Chris Comparato interviewed Sam Zien and Shawn Walchef for this Toast company call in February 2021 about owning and operating restaurants, operating a business during the pandemic, digital marketing, creating online media, and, of course, some tasty toast recipes.

Sam the Cooking Guy Cooking Food in Backyard for Toast Tab company call



We were thrilled to spend the day in the backyard kitchen of Sam the Cooking Guy (a former guest and friend of the show) and for him to be our co-host for an episode of Digital Hospitality.

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