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Rising Tide LinkedIn Live: How to Create a Show

Shawn Walchef lives by two deep thesis statements:

  1. Be the Show, not the commercial!
  2. Every business needs a show.

Those ideas were brought to last weeks’ Rising Tide LinkedIn Live Room as the participants discussed just how to create a show. 

The enlightening conversation led to the realization that doing so may not be as difficult as some may think, and a discussion of consistency was also had.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 10am PDT, Shawn Walchef hosts the Rising Tide live room on LinkedIn. Leading voices in hospitality, and otherwise, from near and far join to discuss all things business and much more.

Listen to the replay of the latest room where the participants discussed creating a show and follow Cali BBQ Media to keep up with the latest and join the rooms to tell your story and have your voice heard

Key Quotes

“What I learned is if you have two identical restaurants next to each other, people will go to the one where they know the story and they’ve seen who you are versus the other one.” –Michael Ungaro

“It’s that idea of not only is the content good, but the consistency is good.” –Richard Liverman

“You need you. And you need the thing that you’re holding right now, which is your smartphone. Like, you need access. You need to tell your truth, and you need to do it consistently. That’s it. Doesn’t matter the platform.” –Shawn Walchef

“Make a lot of mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with your shows.” –Jay Ashton

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