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Spicy Chicken Wings by GrillGirl Robyn | BBQ Recipe

Just reading the words Chipotle Sriracha Buffalo Chicken Wings is enough to make your mouth burn in hunger. Indulge your spicy palette at your July 4 BBQ (or anytime!) by cooking these party pleasing grilled buffalo chicken wings by Robyn Lindars of

Buffalo Chicken Wings are already known to have a high heat level. When you add the flavorful fire of sriracha and spicy chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, you get something magical. Watch the GrillGirl recipe on YouTube to get the step-by-step cooking instructions for the chicken wings and blue cheese sauce.

“This is a fun and easy thing to serve when you are having people over as these are universally likable and easy to make and serve,” Robyn Lindars wrote about her recipe.

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Try pairing the chicken wings with a creamy blue cheese dipping sauce to cool the heat level down, Robyn Lindars advises. “So far I’ve made these 3 times and everyone has liked both the flavor and the heat level of the sauce. Served with blue cheese sauce, they are the perfect easy dinner or appetizer while hanging outside, entertaining friends, tailgating or watching a game.”

Robyn Lindars is the Grill Girl behind, a popular online destination for all-things-cooking. Her focus is on healthy, simple and creative dishes cooked on the grill. She encourages women to learn to grill through Women’s Grilling Clinics and regular advice on her blog and social media accounts. Her managing editor is Stover Harger III, of Cali BBQ Media. Don’t forget to follow GrillGirl Robyn Lindars on social media and subscribe to her newsletter. Hear Robyn Lindars share her recipes and grilling adventures every month as a featured guest on The BBQ Central Show.

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