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Raising the Digital Bar with David Esau

David Esau (@davidresau) is a digital marketing consultant extraordinaire, owner of Click Track Marketing, and author of the book “Raising the Digital Bar” which is aimed at helping businesses grow their impact through digital marketing. As a former Google employee, he has a unique understanding of the digital marketing space.


As his book lays out, he emphasizes the importance of automating processes and segmenting email lists to better connect with customers. Esau preaches consistency on social media and using multiple channels for posting and creating content that resonates with the audience. He believes that social media posting should be part of a daily routine and encourages sharing stories to connect with customers on a personal level. His ultimate goal is to build trust with small business owners and help them grow their businesses.

Watch and listen to this with host Shawn Walchef to learn about efficient email marketing, creating the ultimate business card, and good social media practices for small businesses.


Interview Takeaways

The Ultimate Business Card –  David Esau has a wealth of knowledge to share. In order to advertise his book, Raising the Digital Bar, Esau positioned himself as an authoritative voice in the space by posting tidbits of information on social sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Email Marketing the Done Correctly – David Esau places priority on efficiency. As a necessary part of business in today’s age, email marketing is a key to success, and Esau believes companies should be tactical in their approach. 

Social Media Guide for Small Business – Every business should be on social media. For David Esau, the size of your business is less important than being consistent and posting across multiple platforms.

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