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Podcasting helps you connect with people you admire

Recording Digital Hospitality from the home of Howard and Debra Solomon from Solomon Leaders 2.0

There are many good reasons for podcasting. One important reason to make a podcast is being able to sit down with people you admire and have a rich conversation. You can learn from the interview and so can your listeners. That’s a win-win.

On episode DH003 of Digital Hospitality, host Shawn Walchef visited the home of Howard Solomon and Debra Solomon of Solomon 2.0, hospitality industry veterans whom he greatly admires. It’s a fantastic conversation between people who really care about the industry and how to make it better.

“One of the most rewarding things about creating podcast content and digital media is that it forces you to reach out to people you admire,” said CaliBBQ.Media owner Shawn Walchef. “So that not only you can learn more, but the listeners can as well.”

You can subscribe to Digital Hospitality on YouTube or on your podcast player. New episodes of the San Diego-based podcast and video series come out every week.

Podcasting lets you listen and learn

At the start of the Solomon 2.0 episode, Shawn Walchef tells a story. As a member of the California Restaurant Association, Shawn got an email about a Force in Training (FIT) program.

The CRA was asking local restaurant leaders to come and help high schoolers get prepared for the workforce. Shawn volunteered and met Howard Solomon and Debra Solomon of Solomon Leaders, now known as Solomon 2.0. They hit it off.

“I thought that we were maybe going to have a half-an-hour conversation and I think you ended up staying three hours.” Shawn told Howard and Debra on the episode. “I think that’s something special about hospitality and in life; when you meet people you feel a connection to, you’re able to share stories.”

Interviewing Solomon Leaders 2.0 at their La Jolla home for the Digital Hospitality podcast

Previously Shawn had tried to get the Solomons on his prior podcast Behind the Smoke, but it didn’t work out. So when he started his next project, Digital Hospitality, Shawn knew Howard and Debra Solomon would be one of his first guests.

Shawn Walchef wanted others to listen and learn with him.

That’s why podcasting is a special medium. It brings you right in the room when people of like minds are passionately discussing what they love.

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