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Murtec 2022: The Future of Food is Technology

Technology is the future of restaurants.

The MURTEC 2022 conference is March 7-9 at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Speakers include Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue), Shawn P. Walchef (Cali BBQ Media), Darla Morse (Red Robin), Michael Montagano (Kitchen United), and other leaders in hospitality and tech discussing the future of food.

Jon Taffer Murtec 2022

Cali BBQ Media Founder and “Chief Visionary Officer” Shawn Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) said he’s excited to kick off the conference on March 7 with his breakout session: How Restaurant Influencers Can Scale Tech Partnerships.

“There’s never been a better time to market a restaurant on social media. You’ve just got to learn the secret sauce to promoting your brand online.”



Digital Hospitality comes to life at the MURTEC conference. MURTEC stands for Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference.


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Amazon of Restaurants


My name is Shawn Walchef, owner of Cali BBQ Media in San Diego. We are building the Amazon Prime of Barbecue. Digital Barbecue.

We opened as a full service restaurant in 2008 at the Great Recession and now in the pandemic, finally, after having one location, we are expanding to multiple locations. We’ve opened up two ghost kitchens in Cloudkitchens locations in San Diego and Barrio Logan and near San Diego State.

What is so important is to reshape our restaurant. We are transforming our full service restaurant sports bar into the Amazon Prime of Barbecue. We are building a master smokehouse and media center so that we can document how to get Slow Food — Fast.

We podcast. We have a podcast called Restaurant Influencers with Entreprenuer magazine and Yelp. We also have a podcast called Digital Hospitality. We make TikTok videos, we make LinkedIn content, we share everything we’re doing and we want to show you behind the scenes. Come on with us…

A lot of people during the pandemic talk about pivoting. We didn’t pivot. We went all-in on digital. One of the most important things we did was switching to Toast. Toast is our technology partner. It allows us to order barbecue online quickly, easy, and efficiently.

We reduced our menu by 90 percent. So we used to have a menu that was all over the place. Now we are literally building the In and Out of barbecue. We have six meats: ribs, brisket, chicken, tri-tip, pulled pork, rib tips, sides, and peach cobbler. That’s literally what we do. We do alcohol, cocktails, specialty cocktails to go. And for us, it’s all about figuring out how do we get people what they want on their terms. We’re not making people drive all over the county to come enjoy our barbecue. We’re expanding our footprint, opening more Ghost Kitchen locations so that we can service them from here, from the Master Smokehouse, which we’re going to turn into more smokers and a media center so that we can service San Diego.


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