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Mental Health Awareness in the Hospitality Business | Cali BBQ + Weber Grills

Mental Health and Barbecue Industry interview with Shawn Walchef

Check in on friend today about their mental health and have the courage to ask deeper questions of those you love.

As a business owner and father, I choose to share my mental health struggles through our Cali BBQ Media video content and audio podcast for multiple reasons.


  • [0:00] Intro to Mental Health for Business Owners by Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media
  • [0:11] Unfair Stigma Around Mental Health
  • [0:19] Important for Men and Other Business Owners
  • [0:23] Alcoholic Bar Owner
  • [0:48] Check-In with a Friend
  • [1:10] You Are Not Alone
  • [1:37] Personal Struggles
  • [2:16] Story About Helping Yourself Before You Can Help Others

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Shawn Walchef trims tri-tip at Cali BBQ in Spring Valley

Here are the reasons that we Plan, Produce, Publish, and Promote honest and radically transparent content through Cali BBQ Media

  1. I want others who are struggling to know they are not alone.
  2. I hope that it inspires other leaders, dads and husbands to also share their vulnerabilities.
  3. I hope to bring awareness to mental health issues to those in the hospitality business.

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