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Memorial Day Murph Challenge Workout 2021 | Cali BBQ Official Host Location

Murph Challenge 2020 - Josh Palet - Cali BBQ Host Pull Ups with Kid


The Murph Challenge co-founder Michael Sauers shared tips with us for conquering the intense Murph Challenge workout for Memorial Day.

The Murph Challenge workout is: 1 Mile Run, 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups, 300 Squats, and a 1 Mile Run. For an even greater challenge, you can do the workout in a 20lb weighted vest.




The Murph Challenge is more than a workout. It is a yearly tradition that helps push you, humble you, and allows you the opportunity to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL), a man who sacrificed everything.

Michael P. Murphy Gravestone

Cali BBQ is proud to once again be an official host location for The Murph Challenge 2021. Join us this year as we continue to help keep his legacy alive through The Murph Challenge campaign.

Cali Comfort BBQ is an official host of the 2020 Murph Challenge

See which other locations are official hosts of The Murph 2021 (and sign up yourself) at:

The Murph is a tradition that pushes you to dedicate some pain and sweat in remembrance of a hero.


Tips to Prepare for The Murph Challenge:


  • Mix It Up

Know someone who can do 100 straight pullups? Us neither. While it’s recommended to do the runs as a whole, you can bounce around with the workouts to best complete it and beat fatigue.

  • Break It Down

Again, all those pushups, pullups and squats in order are intimidating AF. Your best bet? Break down those portions. For example, refining the workout into 20 sets is how Mike gets the body weight exercises completed. And trust, he’s a pro.

  • Take Notes

Brain starting to hurt? Record your sets and reps while you do it. No one can remember all those reps and sets in their head while putting their mind, body and soul through such an intense WOD.

  • You Can Do it

Not there yet on pushups, pullups or squats? Practice with amended versions – like pushups on your knees – so you’re eventually ready to do a whole Murph Challenge.


The Murph WOD



About The Murph Challenge 2021:

The Murph Challenge is the official yearly fundraiser for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. It is presented by Forged.

Forged has raised more than $1.25 million for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation through The Murph Challenge fitness campaign.

The Murph Challenge has been a great way to spread the word about the cause. It has been featured in social media posts starring Chris Pratt, John Krasinski, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and others.

In 2020, The Murph Challenge Fundraiser raised more than $250,000 to help finalize construction on the LT Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum/Sea Cadet Training Facility in Long Island, NY.

The Foundation also awarded 32 scholarships during 2020.

Info from:


Forged Clothing:

The Murph Challenge:

Learn more about Forged and The Murph Challenge on our Digital Hospitality podcast:
Forged Interview Part 1
Forged Interview Part 2


Once you register online for The Murph Challenge, you will not only be pledging to participate in the Hero WOD ‘MURPH’, joining a unique group of participants who pay tribute to LT. Michael P. Murphy, but you will also be contributing to a prestigious organization founded by the Murphy family.

After completing The Murph Challenge, each registrant will be asked to return to and submit their ‘MURPH’ time to compare their achievement with other participants worldwide.

All times submitted will be displayed on the Official Worldwide Leaderboard found at From that board, the top 5 Men and top 5 Women will be recognized for their efforts.

Registration for The Murph Challenge is open now.

Murph Challenge 2020 - Josh Palet - Cali BBQ Host Pull Ups with Kid


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