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7 Fantasy Football Tips for 2020 from Lisa Ann

Fantasy Football Tips for 2020 by Lisa Ann

Like so many of us, Lisa Ann can’t wait for the next NFL season.

For the fantasy sports expert, Sirius-XM host, and iconic entertainer, a big part of sports and fantasy football is the fun bonding that the ritual brings.

Lisa Ann in 2014 in the Howard Stern Show Emotional Friends league draft

“I’m gonna smack talk all day Sunday!” Lisa Ann laughed in a conversation with Shawn Walchef on his Digital Hospitality podcast.

You can watch the full revealing and informative podcast interview with sports media personality Lisa Ann right now on the Cali BBQ Media YouTube channel.

“It’s the best. Fantasy sports really keeps people together. It gives old friends three or four months to stay close.”

Lisa Ann Interview with Shawn Walchef on Digital Hospitality

For those who are new — or just not great — at fantasy sports, the beloved pastime can be confusing. For starters, who to start in fantasy football? How do fantasy rankings work? Before you can master it, you have to figure out how to even begin to play fantasy football.

Thankfully, there are answers to your fantasy sports questions.

Shawn Walchef asked Lisa Ann for some of her expert fantasy football tips for the 2020 season when Lisa Ann was a guest in April 2020 on the Cali BBQ Media podcast.


2020 Fantasy Football Tips from Lisa Ann

Fantasy Football Tips for 2020 by Lisa Ann

With the 2020 National Football League Season approaching — once more understanding arises around COVID-19 precautions — here are seven of Lisa Ann’s expert fantasy football tips to up your game in your fantasy league.

  1. Draft Day is Just a Blueprint
    The big draft is coming up, but it’s not the apex of the season, it’s only the start. Injuries happen over the course of a campaign so don’t get too stuck on Draft Day. Projected scoring can make you feel good or bad about your draft in the moment but that’s not where the season is won or lost.
  2. Stay on Point
    You can take Monday and Tuesday off from the news schedule, but that’s about it. Mondays are when player meetings take place so not much buzz happens in regard to injury standings. After that, pay close attention the rest of the week as your waiver wire work ethic can win your league.
  3. Find a Source You Like and Make it Routine
    Even the experts like Lisa Ann have podcasts and shows that they love when it comes to fantasy football. Pick one, or maybe two, that you really like and stick to it. Too much information is exactly that, focus on your favorite, trusted source.
  4. Study, Study, Study
    Know the players, know the weather, know the matchups. Every point counts when setting your lineup.
  5. Trust Your Gut
    Believe in a sleeper in this year’s draft? Pick them. Lisa Ann is high on Phillip Rivers in 2020 not just off stats but off feel. The same gut feelings for drafting goes towards lineups throughout the season, too.
  6. Don’t Over Tinker
    Make your picks, look them over and trust them. Too much back and forth can make it not fun and it can keep you from actually getting your lineup in.
  7. Be All Over the Waiver Wire
    This was hinted in point two, but it’s more than just that. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, and that means making sure your competitors aren’t stocking their benches.

You can listen to Lisa Ann on Sirius-XM multiple times a week. Find Lisa Ann on social media with the handle @thereallisaann.

Get to know more about The Real Lisa Ann on her website at



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