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Don’t Be Scared To Share Your Secrets Online | Kyle Inserra (Restaurant Growth Strategist) | DH095

Kyle Inserra on Digital Hospitality Podcast

Kyle Inserra is both a commercial real estate advisor and a media mogul.

Kyle Inserra wearing a Support Local Restaurants Hoodie

To become the latter, he had to risk the former.

“Everyone’s coming from this fear mindset that you’re giving away too much,” Kyle Inserra explained about sharing information on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “They don’t want to say anything.

“The ability to connect with folks digitally and give out information has been a huge thing for me.”

Huge indeed, and even more so — different.

Yes, most people in Kyle’s buttoned up, bottom line-oriented industry are not into giving out secret ‘code’ – especially not on social media.


Kyle Inserra on Digital Hospitality Podcast:

Kyle Inserra is a Restaurant Growth Strategist and Commercial Real Estate Advisor who is also host of The National Restaurant Owners Podcast.

Kyle Inserra National Restaurant Owners Podcast Cover

The entrepreneur was a guest on Digital Hospitality, where he discussed publishing content online, digital marketing, the changing real estate and restaurants industries, and leading with truth, numbers, and goals.

Visit to learn more about Kyle Inserra.

While Kyle’s competitors are keeping intel close to their chest and operating on the old guard, Kyle is creating content on Tik Tok as an effort to empower the next generation of restaurant owners looking to understand both sides of the business.

“I focus on giving it all away to the point where I have these crazy notebooks of little ideas that I get because there’s so many little things that come to mind,” shares Kyle on his approach to teaching on Tik Tok and other social platforms. “You want to share with folks who are really good at running a restaurant but make bad real estate decisions or bad partnership decisions.”

This is because as a commercial real estate advisor, Kyle views restaurant owners as his partners, not his tenants. He realizes by revealing the ins and outs of what he does in real estate that it allows future clients to better establish their footing so both sides can succeed.

Kyle Inserra Facebook Page

For better or for worse, not everyone in his industry is catching up to speed.

“With all due respect to my fellow brokers out there: you make my job easier when you don’t do it,” laughs Kyle. “I can shoot you a link to my YouTube video or a site tour or a market update. I’m at a distinct advantage.”

Over the course of the pandemic, Kyle’s content creating approach has challenged conventional thinking in his industry and offered him his own lane.

As restaurants re-open and new owners and operators want to rent vacant space, Kyle believes it’s important for each side of the equation to let their guard down and be open.

“Whatever your concept is, my advice to you is be completely transparent with the landlord,” says Kyle. “Starting with, ‘Here’s what I do and I only need this much space. Can you do it yes or no?’ And to be honest, be aggressive with the rent.”

Kyle Inserra Restaurant Quote

Transparency is a two-way street.

By Kyle leading with his truth, numbers and goals, his potential partners are more likely to do the same thing so that both parties can prosper.

“Historically, restaurant owners don’t like to share their books,” Kyle notes. “They didn’t need to. But it’s in your best interest right now to show them.”

While Kyle isn’t sharing books and bottom lines on his numerous social platforms, he is sharing his life and lessons at an impressive clip.

For many professionals navigating the internet, drawing the line between business and play can be cumbersome. For Kyle, there’s no line.

“At the end of the day you’re building a business and a life,” says Kyle. “And my content is so intertwined. I’m excited to see what it looks like in twenty years.”

In 2021, it’s looking good for Kyle.


Posting and Connecting Online:

Just recently, his open approach to posting his personal life led to a lead in his professional endeavors.

“I’ve gotten a lead off of a picture with my French bulldog,” shares Kyle. “I just closed on it two weeks ago.”

Just as Kyle sees no line between business and play content, he sees no line between everyday life and interactions on the internet.

“The goal of all this is to connect with people,” points out Kyle. “So, if you’re a restaurant or you’re a broker or whatever it is, ultimately the idea of this whole digital landscape is to lead to a face-to-face interaction or some sort of transaction. They’re going to connect with you, and if you’re different whether on your platform or in person, it doesn’t work.”

A big personality with a big passion for helping, Kyle risked sharing his secrets to success in an industry where new-age ideas can often be scoffed. Because of this, he’s carved out a lane that brings like-minded clients his way and keeps it open, honest and fun for all.

It may seem like Kyle has been perfecting his story and content strategy for decades, but the truth is he’s only getting started. Want to create your own lane in your professional path? Kyle is here to give you that push.

Kyle Inserra Save Restaurants Sign“Start at zero,” Kyle encourages. “Start at just telling your story. You don’t have to be good at creating, you don’t have to be Walt Disney. You just have to be you.”

Free advice from a real estate advisor you haven’t even met. Kyle is rewriting the rules and he’s doing it all by being himself.

Learn more about Kyle Inserra and connect at:


— Feature article by Cali BBQ Media content creator Ian Stonebrook @ianstonebrook


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