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In-House Delivery vs Third-Party Delivery | Roger Avats and Josh Kopel (Inhouse Delivery Company) | DH078

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2021 is here, but the pandemic and the pivots pioneered because of it are still very much at hand.

While the restaurant industry has been forced to suffer, adapt and evolve in 2020 more than most, the shift to takeout and delivery has allowed many doors (like at Cali BBQ) to stay open.

Jim Trotter orders Cali BBQ from Shawn WalchefStill, it hasn’t been easy. Though savvy restaurant owners and operators have been able to master the marketplaces that allow them to get their food to the customers that can’t dine in, it still proves expensive and it lacks connection.

Thankfully, Roger Avats from the Inhouse Delivery company is working to soothe restaurant owners’ woes.

Inhouse Delivery How it Works

Find out how on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast featuring Roger Avats and Josh Kopel, friend of Cali BBQ Media and returning podcast guest.


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How Does Inhouse Delivery Tech Work?


    Inhouse Delivery integrates with existing online ordering platforms like Toast, Shopify, Woo-commerce and more.
    Schedule your own drivers or use Inhouse Delivery’s network of drivers. Delivery details will be handled by the Inhouse Delivery software.
    Real-time order tracking shows the status and location of deliveries.


Inhouse Delivery Company Website

Inhouse Delivery is an all-in-one solution to make in-house delivery for restaurants easy and profitable. The cost is just $1 per delivery with no contracts. The startup company is based in San Diego, California.

Get Started with Inhouse Delivery online at


Roger Avats and Inhouse Delivery:

 Inhouse Delivery Interview Screenshot 2

Starting Inhouse Delivery, Roger Avats aims to provide restaurants with affordable, reliable drivers that cut cost and emphasize connection. It’s a tall order, but he’s treaded rougher waters.

“I’m a software guy,” says Roger. “I started my career in the US Navy and toured in the first Gulf War. It was intense but it gave me the tools I needed to feel like I can conquer anything.”

Previously, Roger Avats has earned his ‘software guy’ stripes by building OpenSimSim Inc., an employee scheduling, time tracking and company communication software for businesses that rely on hourly workers. The company won awards, ranked highly amongst workforce management solutions.

With Inhouse Delivery, Roger aims to build on that success and offer similar solutions to an industry in need. Essentially, Roger looks to make delivery more efficient for restaurants in every way imaginable. Like any good software, it’s driven by data and made to make life easier.

“I created a software that can schedule employees and meet customer demand,” begins Roger Avats of Inhouse Delivery. “It has predicted technology and can schedule based off of that so that employees aren’t getting stressed out, businesses aren’t paying too much and customers are happy because they’re getting service that’s consistently good.”

While UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash without a doubt have helped restaurants stay open and pivot during the pandemic, the space is still evolving and operating on marketplaces is not without its pain points.

“When I looked at the marketplace, we saw a lot of restaurants really suffering,” shares Roger. “We’re a software company, not a marketplace.”

By not being a marketplace, Roger Avats is offering a major differentiator from what most restaurants are heavily relying on while still struggling to pay the bills. In effect, Inhouse Delivery is exactly what it sounds like – backend technology that empowers restaurants to get food directly to their customers without a third-party marketplace.

The benefits for the restaurant are control, direct customer feedback, accountability, loyalty, data and connection. The benefits for the customer are a more intimate connection with their favorite restaurant, improved service and greater communication. At the very least, a disruptive company like Inhouse Delivery should empower independents and create competition.


Data Powers Delivery Platform:

Inhouse Delivery Interview Screenshot 3In late 2020, the San Diego-based software company had just shy of 50 locations on the platform, with the social scheduling side of Inhouse Delivery doing business with a couple thousand restaurants.

As the pandemic passes, the data forecasting tools Inhouse Delivery possesses should only get better and provide more value to owners and operators.

For the time being, they’re still helping local favorites keep the lights on and stay connected to their most loyal supporters.
“It’s very important that through the pandemic businesses stay connected to their employees and their very loyal customers,” points out Roger Avats of

“My hope was that we can actually help owners use their own team to do the delivery and not lose their customer.”

Right now, restaurant owners and operators who use Inhouse Delivery are echoing exactly that.

“Implementing our own in-house delivery has not only started to garner incremental sales but also allowed us to provide more opportunities to drivers,” said Angela, owner of Datjerk Caribbean Chargrill, on her experience with Inhouse Delivery.

This is major. 
In essence, think about the flip side the current marketplace landscape offers. Close your eyes: can you imagine sitting down at your favorite restaurant and a non-employee of the restaurant bringing the food to your table on their own accord with no greeting, feedback or follow up? Better yet, can you imagine struggling during the pandemic and delivery keeping you afloat but still not proving purely profitable?

Roger is set on changing all of that. Better yet, he says he can do it fast with next to no risk.

“We can get a restaurant going in like an hour,” beams Roger. “You get it for $1 delivery, and it makes it easier for your employees if they’re working at another place to manage their schedules with one app.”

For Roger, the goal is for owners, employees and customers to win. Because of this, he’s communicating with all involved to understand their needs and provide software with the best solutions.

“I’ve talked to lots of restaurants and lots of people who want to drive,” Roger shares. “They are both so grateful for an opportunity like this. The drivers love a predictable schedule and predictable earning capacity.”

If Roger is right, drivers can now budget both their time and their income. Customers are already winning based on customization and competition alone. At the end of the day though, this software is making its biggest impact on the owners and operators who were hit so hard in 2020.

“The restaurants are grateful because they literally can’t breathe,” reflects Roger. “Offering them a solution like this? We’ve got customers who thought they were going to go out of business in two locations and now they want to add three more locations and look into franchising!

“They’re literally putting up a billboard above their restaurant saying how they do inhouse delivery and that to me is very fulfilling.”

With Inhouse Delivery, Roger Avats is providing software that’s said to be 50 percent cheaper than using marketplace platforms, has no contracts and allows owners to pay per delivery. Restaurants owners should know what’s best for them when it comes down to using in-house delivery or third-party delivery platforms.

Creating software is not as intense as his time in the US Navy but the lessons Roger learned about finding solutions amidst adversity are still serving him today.

“We believe in what we’ve got,” states Roger Avats. “And we want to earn your business every day.”

With Inhouse Delivery, those same lessons could be serving your business, too.


— Feature Article by Ian Stonebrook, resident reporter for Cali BBQ Media. Get in touch with Ian to pitch a story at or follow him on social media @ianstonebrook.



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Mailing Address —
6965 El Camino Real, Suite 105-550
Carlsbad, CA, 92009


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INHOUSE DELIVERY PRESS RELEASE Launches All-in-One Delivery Solution for US Restaurants

Inhouse Delivery was made available in beta in October 2020. enables restaurants to quickly and easily manage online orders, driver scheduling, and delivery management, with no third-party commission. 

SAN DIEGO CA, 10/29/2020 –™, a developer of innovative delivery technology solutions, is pleased to announce the beta launch of their all-in-one delivery solution for restaurants. Available for US customers starting today, provides restaurants with a seamless solution for managing online orders, employee scheduling, and driver dispatch, allowing businesses to quickly and easily manage deliveries internally. Priced at a modest $99 / month subscription fee (plus $1 per delivery facilitation fee), using, restaurants are now able to eliminate costly third-party delivery commissions.

For more information on how you can benefit from visit:

According to a September 2020 study released by the National Restaurant Association, one in six restaurants – or a total of 100,000 establishments nationwide – have closed permanently in the six months following the first shutdown triggered by the pandemic. As restaurant owners shift their businesses to a delivery first model, in part due to statewide restrictions closing or limiting indoor dining, the pressure to retain employees and reduce operating expenses is at an all-time high. Inhousedeliver’s subscription-based model enables businesses to repurpose existing employees and eliminate the substantial commission costs charged by third-party delivery services.

“ gives restaurants back control over their deliveries and customer service,” said Roger Avats, founder and CEO of “With indoor dining remaining restricted for the foreseeable future, restaurants need to implement solutions that enable them to efficiently and affordably deliver to their customers. offers a driver management and dispatch solution that allows restaurants to bring delivery in-house and keep the profits previously taken by third-party apps.”

Through the platform, customers and restaurant managers can track orders in real-time via browser and mobile interfaces. Restaurants receive proof of delivery by either photo or signature and can easily request customer feedback post-delivery. Customers can contact drivers directly with any questions or changes directly through the web interface or mobile app. integrates with existing online ordering platforms, including ChowNow, CloudWaitress,, Drizly, E-hungry, EatStreet, Gloria Food, GrubHub, Menufy, Slice, Squarespace, Toast online,  Wix, and Zuppler.

Most restaurants cannot afford full-time drivers, which is why in addition to the launch of, next week the company will be opening early registration of their secondary platform, a service that allows restaurants to share their drivers both between locations and even different restaurants.

For more information on how you can benefit from visit: features at a glance:

Workforce Management Features:

  • Manage driver availability with a fully integrated employee scheduling and time tracking solution
  • Schedule your workforce based on forecasted delivery demand
  • Share drivers across multiple locations
  • Manage time off and shift swaps directly from the app
  • Eliminate manual timesheets by using mobile time clocks

Delivery Features:

  • Order details
  • Pickup and delivery addresses
  • Optimized route with GPS navigation
  • Contact numbers and delivery instructions
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Customer feedback (post-delivery) is a best in class and cost-effective delivery solution that allows restaurants to keep their profits and avoid having to pay exorbitant commission to third party delivery companies.

The solution brings together online ordering, employee scheduling, and driver dispatch to bring delivery in house and give restaurants back control over their deliveries and customer service. To learn more, visit



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