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Guide to Opening a Virtual Ghost Kitchen | Part 3: Breaking Down Costs | DH108

Breaking down the costs to opening a ghost kitchen discussion on the Digital Hospitality podcast

Understanding the costs it takes to operate a virtual ghost kitchen is essential.

Listen in on a Clubhouse roundtable discussion with hospitality veterans and restaurant thought-leaders to start breaking down the costs of a digital restaurant operation. Learn about the investments, tech, fees, and more needed to open a virtual ghost kitchen.


• Jensen Cummings – @chefjensencummings
• Shawn Walchef – @shawnpwalchef @calibbq @calibbqmedia
• Kyle Inserra – @kyleinserra
• Andrew Parr – @andrewparrao
• James Baxter –

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Guide to Opening a Virtual Ghost Kitchen | Part 1: The New Digital Economy | DH106

How to Open a Ghost Kitchen Audio Guide - Part 1

Guide to Opening a Virtual Ghost Kitchen | Part 2: Building Important Business Relationships

Building Key Relationships conversation on Digital Hospitality podcast

➤ Jensen Cummings on Clubhouse:
➤ Kyle Inserra on Clubhouse:
➤ Shawn P. Walchef on Clubhouse:



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